Genesis E&P, David Glassalleged oil and gas drilling scams

C Jan 01, 2018 Review updated:

We are currently comprise 17 victims of David Glass of Flower Mound, Texas and Genesis E&P, a Texas based oil and gas scam. We have been defrauded out of $1.5 Million by David Glass. Our money was apparently laundered through, among other banks, BBVA Compass Bank of Flower Mound, Texas, Account # [protected] and, possibly, through David and Christina Glass' non-profit Christian Ministries, Striker Youth Sports, Kidz Konnect 4 Jesus and

David, apparently, lied to us and stole our money and now refuses to speak with us or to show where our money went!

We have hired Colt Ledger & Associates, Inc. to explore recovering our funds and/or putting David Glass in prison.

Moss, Tennessee -December 31, 2018

Disclaimer from Colt Ledger & Associates, Inc.: All information presented herein is based on my opinion, which is based on years of experience, court decisions, working with federal law enforcement, materials and communication supplied to the potential investors, by Genesis E&P, David Glass and his "boiler room" thugs. Colt Ledger & Associates, Inc. has worked with Federal authorities for years involving various types of securities fraud and the alleged interstate criminal activities so often associated with Texas based "boiler rooms" and the cold calling of potential victims. In these types of investigations, Colt Ledger & Associates, Inc. is simply presenting its opinion based on court findings, including, specifically, our Kentucky Supreme Court ruling regarding our protected rights under the First Amendment, and, more recently, the Communications Decency Act, indictments as a result of our filings, plea bargains, prison sentencing and professional experience. All of our clients have been made acutely aware that we are not attorneys and we are not a substitute for an attorney. They have been advised to seek an attorney for all legal matters. Please note that no one herein has been charged or indicted and everyone is innocent until proven guilty in a legal forum. In addition, no attorney or law degree is required when filing criminal complaints. Any interference with the filing process, according to the FBI, can be considered obstruction of justice, extortion and/or suppression of evidence.

Could such a such a outwardly appearing "Christian" man have fooled his family, his church, his friends, his community and so readily abandoned his, "Christian values", to allegedly, target, i.e., prey upon, primarily, elderly citizens, from across this nation, for the express purpose of swindling them out of millions of dollars? We currently represent only 17 victims who have lost $1.5 million. It is estimated that Genesis has, at least, 200 plus clients, so we are talking about many millions of dollars and the distinct possibility of criminal fraud and money laundering!

Colt Ledger & Associates, Inc. the nation's only Private Investigation Firm, specializing in interstate Criminal Fraud and Money Laundering associated with Texas based oil and gas scams has been hired by 17 senior "victims", to investigate, what appears to be, an alleged, but documented, well-funded and carefully plotted securities and criminal fraud and money laundering investment scam, carried out by David Glass, President of Genesis E&P, a Texas based oil and gas company. It should be noted, again, that although we believe we have sufficient evidence to move forward on an interstate multi-count criminal fraud and money laundering complaint, that everyone is presumed innocent until proven otherwise in a court of law.

As "irrefutable documentation" continues to mount, with the identification of more and more Genesis "victims"; Colt Ledger & Associates, Inc. has now turned its investigation to Glass' known associates, involved in Genesis E&P, Strikers Youth Sports and/or Kidz Konnect 4 Jesus, something called or identified as, Eddy Foster, Kelly Nutt, Ron "Bison" Moss (BRG Holdings), Christina Glass, Chezanne Robinson, Aubrey Tarkington, Matthew Jones, David Coen, Michael Luzder, William Rauhauser, Laura Rauhauser, Matt Jones, Dawn Jones, etc.

Colt Ledger clarified the need to look at these other organizations, their leadership and their association with David Glass, in the following excerpts.

"First of all, the people named herein are part of the public record regarding Glass' various activities and may not be directly involved in the transference of funds between organizations and/or within a specific organization. However, if you are associated with an individual that
documents strongly suggest that that individual is possibly involved in an alleged interstate fraud scheme, targeting the elderly, and involving money laundering, etc., then you should expect some level of scrutiny to be SOP.

The fact is that most of these people may not be aware Davis Glass' "other enterprises". Most normal people do not realize how insidious these alleged crimes become when an individual/organization, obtains money from another individual/organization using alleged criminal activity, such as, elderly fraud, deception, wire fraud, mail fraud, etc., and deposits and/or co-mingles that criminally obtained money with their banking account/s. Such activity constitutes ‘money laundering' and this has been the # 1 charge brought against those con artists that have been indicted and sent to prison. You are simply taking ‘illegally obtained money' and putting it through a system to produce, what appears to be, ‘legal money', i.e., ‘laundered money, according to the U.S. Secret Service. When you take the ‘laundered money' out of that bank account, for whatever reason, you are committing one count of ‘the spending of laundered money'. When you deposit that ‘laundered money', into your personal account or any other account, you are ‘tainting' the new account and all the money in that account is considered ‘laundered', because you cannot tell the old money from the new money. So, when you transfer ‘laundered money', directly or indirectly, into other accounts it immediately ‘taints' the new account and the ‘money laundering' continues to spread. And the statute of limitation continues in effect for an additional 5 years, although, most people in this area of criminal investigation/prosecution will tell you the statute of limitation on money laundering is ‘Indefinite'."

"Therefore, when, ‘money laundering' is alleged, expected and/or documented, it is prudent, i.e., just good common sense; to look into known organizations in which, in this instance, David and/or Christina Glass are officers or owners. Remember, if ‘laundered money' is deposited into these other organizations, their funds become ‘laundered'. "

"So, the immediate question, we are seeking an answer to, is, ‘Has David and/or Christina Glass ever made a "donation", i.e., moved funds from outside of these organizations into these non-profit organizations?' If they have, ‘Where did the money originate from, what accounts has it been deposited into and transferred through and how was it obtained from the individual who originally had it? It's that simple! If this activity has occurred and the money came from criminal activity involving investment scams/frauds, then the answer is obvious!"

"Since we do not know who these people are, at these non-profit organizations, etc., or the nature of their association/relationship with Mr. and/or Mrs. Glass and, based on the fact, that our clients want to know where their money went, everyone will be looked at, in as much depth, as possible, in an attempt to, include or exclude, each individual from the Federal Criminal Fraud and Money Laundering Complaint we will be filing."

"Also, the people who are handling this money within these organizations may not even be aware that they could be possibly be ‘aiding and abetting' in an interstate money laundering scheme. However, they should be made aware and warned to not be naïve or gullible, simply because they think they know the source of the funds!"

"Attorneys, for the individual/organization allegedly "laundering" their criminally derived funds, have challenged me on this point, and many others, several times, and all have failed, because "money laundering" and the "spending of laundered money" are so easy to document. If found guilty, this charge/s carries 5 years per occurrence! Think about how many checks you deposit compared to how many you write; one could easily be facing 100plus years based on one deposit and multiple withdrawals!"

"On another subject, to truly understand what I mean by "irrefutable documentation", in this specific matter, you must realize who supplied me with those "irrefutable documents"? My primary source for these incriminating documents is David Glass, himself! For example, SEC records irrefutably document that David Glass, filed Reg D 506b exemption on "Big Creek" on 08/27/2014, and then, through multiple sworn statements taken, individually, from his victims all over the country, Glass, had his "boiler room" cold calling them! Filing a Reg D 506b exemption on "Big Creek" and then cold calling the general public, according to the Securities Act of 1933, you lose the exemption you filed under and you must either find another suitable exemption or register your securities. David Glass made a decision not file another exemption (irrefutably documented by David Glass) and, to not register his securities offering (irrefutably documented by David Glass), so, according to the Securities Act of 1933, David Glass, intentionally, offered and sold unregistered securities (irrefutably documented by David Glass) via unlicensed agents (irrefutably documented by David Glass), confirmed by FINRA! This meant that all money raised by Glass and his predatory staff, was obtained, allegedly, but irrefutably documented by David Glass, through fraud and criminal activities"

"Because, Mr. Glass, also, irrefutably documented his own, obvious, disdain for following these simple securities rules, he violated Section 5 of this Act, by contacting investors with his unregistered offering and committed, according to the Act, both, wire fraud and mail fraud. He then, according to sworn statements, past court decisions and the FBI, Postal Inspectors, Secret Service and, possibly, the IRS gained criminal momentum as he appears to have willfully violated many additional State and Federal criminal fraud and money laundering laws."

"Please understand, this is not me speculating or conjuring evidence. I am simply following a paper trail, as wide as the Grand Canyon, left by David Glass. It is as irrefutable as a fingerprint or DNA!"

"In a recent development, the sheer arrogance and cold methodical nature of Mr. Glass and his utter contempt for his elderly clients, as well as the 100's of other clients, was on full display, when Mr. Glass advised his "victims", that Genesis E&P was "insolvent" and the victim's should check with their CPA to seek advise on how to write off their losses that he was personally responsible (irrefutably documented by David Glass) for creating!"

"I see these guys sitting in the pews on Sunday, loading the offering plate with money stolen from their victims which, unfortunately, is laundered! I would not want to explain "tainted tithing" to God! Nor would I want to explain to the Church how their banking and financial records now include "laundered money'"!

"Some people fold when they hear that a company is "insolvent". However, if they stop and think, ‘insolvent' simple means, in this particular context, Glass had drained the company's accounts, period! Does anyone believe that David Glass left Genesis, broke? Has his family moved into government housing? Are they riding the city bus to go shopping at Good Will? Of course not! If Genesis E&P was, in fact, insolvent, why did Glass not file bankruptcy? Could it be that he would be forced by the court, creditors and his "victims" to account for the millions upon millions of dollars gained from allegedly illegally targeting/preying upon the elderly in his, alleged, but "irrefutably documented by David Glass", himself, interstate investment scams?"

"I firmly believe that David Glass is a liar, a fraud, an opportunistic sociopath and morally bankrupt. He preys on the weak and vulnerable! This, propensity, for screwing the elderly out of their life savings coupled with his apparent, complete lack of morals and integrity, makes me wonder why is he is so involved in activities involving children and young adults?"

"One thing we are absolutely sure of, David did not abandon his clients because there was allegedly no more money in the company coffers. Those were intentionally drained or allowed to be drained under his supervision and the "stolen" money was place somewhere else before David timed his "insolvency exit", in my opinion! Of course, he could disprove all of these alleged criminal activities by simply allowing all of the accounting, banking, taxes and his personal tax filings to be certified and/or forensically reviewed. But I am equally sure he will never produce the facts that could, possibly, put him in prison."

"You cannot imagine what these swindlers do to the elderly. The absolute destitution that these elderly citizens are subjected to at this specific point in their lives is, in my opinion, on the same level as child molestation, human trafficking, or elderly abuse! Many of the victims are in the early or mid-stages of Alzheimer or they are widows and widowers left alone with their memories and are extremely susceptible to these predators. These predators steal their dreams, their money and their lives, without any thought and the predators' families, enjoy the spoils stolen from their elderly victims. David Glass, in my opinion, has proven himself to be, an opportunistic predator void of all morals and completely void of any remorse. He has no concept of shame."

"I, sincerely believe, David Glass has walked himself into a very dark place; a place that has proven to be ultimately, personally and professionally, devastating to others, especially, the families of these men, in very similar situations; pillar of the community one day and convicted felon the next. It is extremely satisfying, for me, to see these guys break down and cry, while apologizing to their family, as they are escorted out of the courtroom."

"My, personal plan, is to keep Glass in the spotlight until he either allows the the books to be forensically audited or, hopefully, he is sent to the penitentiary. Since he thinks he can simply walk off without even an explanation, to my clients, he is sadly mistaken! If he thinks that no one is going to challenge his arrogance or his "Christian facade" or his worthless words, he is definitely wrong! He allegedly swindled millions of dollars and, apparently, feels no need to account for the money entrusted to him! In his sheer arrogance, his victims are, apparently, expected to accept his "Christian" testimony and word that he has spent all their money for whatever he tells them and, now, they should go to their CPA and figure how to write it all off. That's not going to happen! They will write it off but David Glass will still be responsible for taking their money. "

"His, obvious, targeting of elderly investors, i.e., a predator of the weak and vulnerable, was intended to take advantage of those individuals with money that who would trust him and/or this "boiler room thugs"! Unfortunately, his arrogance and contempt, has made them mad as hell and they want their money back or David Glass in prison!"

"It seems that, as the professing 'Christian man', that David Glass portrays himself to be, and as an community beacon of honesty and integrity, he would embrace this opportunity to demonstrate his moral compass and quickly show his investors where and how he utilized their money. However, right after telling his clients to see their CPA, David Glass, apparently, began his new life, financed by his victims an became a mortgage broker for OnQ Financial and refuses to speak with his victims and/or give them access to the books. In my opinion, based entirely on the irrefutable documentation that David Glass has provided, his refusal to account for the millions of dollars he obtained/stole through his, apparent criminal activity, while targeting the elderly, David Glass is a standard two-bit con man."

"After several conversations, actually text messages, with Glass' attorney, who, obviously and unfortunately, has no clue regarding the position in which his client has placed himself, has, in a similar fashion to Mr. Glass, basically, blown-off the investors and their requests. So we will post, this, our first challenge to Mr. Glass' apathy."

We will spotlight one of his victims, each week or so, on the internet, to demonstrate to the world what this fine, up standing Christian man, has done, so ruthlessly, to the elderly across this country and how his family has benefited from his alleged, but, documented, criminal enterprise.

If you have had any interactions, pro or con, with this David Glass of Flower Mound, Texas regarding On Q Financial, Genesis E&P, Strikers Youth Sports, or Kidz Connect 4 Jesus, please contact us.

If you have ever recovered your investments while in one of David Glass' oil and gas projects, please contact us.

David Glass has already admitted, to some of his victims, that he has not drilled several wells they paid for. If you know for a fact David Glass has not drilled all of the wells you paid for, please contact us.

Finally, David Glass' victims are coming together to look into a possible Class Action Suit, more posts and possibly, lawful demonstrations in Flower Mound at his home and/or church and, at his new place of business in Plano, Texas. If you have any interest, contact us! The Federal Agencies that we will file with will obtain a list of all of the Genesis victims. The Class Action Suit against David Glass and/or a bankruptcy brought by David Glass, in an effort to stop my pursuit, will not interfere, in any way, with the criminal complaint we will be filing or the criminal process or prosecution, if deemed appropriate.

There is absolutely no way to stop this process once it begins, so come and join us.


  • Je
    Jeff Lynch Apr 14, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    How do we join this as someone who has also been scammed by Glass and Moss?

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  • 3f
    3factr Jun 19, 2019

    @Jeff Lynch Mr. Lynch, that is a good question. I was scammed out of $150k by Mr. Glass and Mr. Moss, and now Mr. Glass and Mr. Moss live in homes with values in excess of $1M combined. I believe this to be fraud, because all of the wells were never drilled and the last $50k I "loaned" to Mr. Moss was simply spent on his personal expenses.

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  • Fr
    Fraud Recovery Aug 30, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @Jeff Lynch Please give us a call 888-335-0562 Ext 1006

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  • 3f
    3factr Jun 19, 2019

    David Glass solicited me without a prior relationship for an investment in an oil and gas drilling venture that was to drill upwards of 40 wells in TN, KY and TX. I was guaranteed a 30% return on my $100k investment until all of my funds were returned.
    Supposedly, 24 drilled wells in a row in the "Belmont" project were dry according to Ronnie "Bison" Moss, the operator of Royal Oil, who, according to discovered records, was convicted of Federal Fraud charges in another oil and gas scheme in 2003 and sentenced to 5 years in Federal Prison. This information was not made known in the offering documents in spite of the close working relationship between Mr. Glass and Mr. Moss and Mr. Glass's partnership with Mr. Moss in Royal Oil and Gas.

    Due to the failure of the Belmont project, Mr. Glass offered to transfer half of my stake in that project to another called the "Jackpot" if I would provide a bridge loan to Mr. Moss of $50, 000 - again, without notifying me of Mr. Moss's stint in Federal Prison for interstate fraud charges - to acquire the leasing rights to the land.

    This bridge loan was provided to Mr. Moss and none of the money has ever been seen again.

    Mr. Glass admitted to me later via email that most of the wells were never drilled.

    Genesis E&P never filed bankruptcy as far as I can tell, nor did Royal Oil and Gas.

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  • Je
    Jeff Lynch Jun 26, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @3factr Similar scam. Invest in projects, dry holes, they "transfer to another well, it's dry, rinse repeat. Nothing back. I'm still communicating with Moss as I also did a bridge loan only to not get paid.

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  • Je
    Jeff Lynch Sep 19, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @Jeff Lynch As a follow up. I continued to do research. The "mastermind", or guilty party here is Glass. He skimmed hundreds of thousands of dollars from the company and investors. He used his charisma to not only bilk all of the investors of their money, but many of the above mentioned partners and employees. I now firmly believe that although Ron Moss may have had a previous conviction, he was scammed and ripped off as much if not more that we were by David Glass

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