General Revenue CorporationPhone Abuse


Abuse by phone, upon verbal request not to contact me by phone, GRC associate stated he'd call as often as he wanted and keep calling.

Spoke with Michael Schneider @ [protected] sent fax to: [protected], notifying them not to call or contact me unless through the mail.

Mr. Schneider was kind and stated he'd move my phone number to the no call list.


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    Thomas300 Mar 12, 2010

    A written request must be submitted in writing. I guess your just another dead beat no bill paying mother ###er who owes the Fed'l Govmnt for Student loans that YOU TOOK OUT ...
    The federal govmnt allows them to call you no bill paying ### up to 4 times a day, and at your ###ing work, until you send them something in writing, telling them to cease communications. But no you typical dead beat mother ###ers have to bad mouth people doing thier job having to call you nasty no bill paying mther fkrs, while all the while you ARE THE LOWLIFE ###ING PIECE OF ### WHO OWES THE FE'L GVMNT FOR YOU STUDENT LAONS, WHICH MEANS YOU OWN john q. public.. alll of the Tax payers you ###ing little shitbag, those loans you took out are backed by the Fed'l Govmnt, which is tax payers $$$ Until you pay them back youlittle ###. ### YOU DOUCHBAG, FK YOU FK YOU FK YOU AND FK YOU AGAIN, No sysmpathy for your stupid fkng azz. I hope the call you 100 times a week and burn up the minutes on your stupid ###ing cell phone. HHHHMMMMMM, YOU CAN AFFORD A CELL phone but you can afford to pay your student loans... Ah huh just what I thought, typical fkng piece of ### trash, that deserves to go to Hell for cheating the public out of $$$ GOD KNOW WHO YOU ARE, YOU LITTLE PIECE OF ###.


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    MKAUZ Oct 18, 2010

    In response to that last worthless post. I do not owe student loans however was called by this company at work. I was told that I had racked up 12 grand in loans from University of North Dakota. I then had to provide them with personal information to prove that I was not the person that they were looking for. This is complete [censor]. Now I have to wonder which family member they called and now thinks that I have a debt collection agency after me. Their research practices for people that actually owe them money is one thing but I DO NOT! They can just pull [censor]ing names out of a hat and harass them at work...and putting my number on a no call list...[censor] THAT! Take my name and personal information from your computer all together! Learn how to do your [censor]ing research! When I returned their phone call the first time they said the person that owed the money had the same birthdate as me and so I called them back to see if they were legit and now they say they are looking for someone with the same name but a different birthdate. Do they even [censor]ing know...Well thank you General Revenue Corporation for bothering someone at work who doesn't even owe you money...I am innocent and the [censor] will not even remove my phone number from their system. [censor] YOU GRC [censor] YOU!

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    Thomas300 Oct 19, 2010

    If it wasn't you then I'm sure they were apologetic. Thats why they go thru the verification process of DOB & the last 4 of the SSN. If you didn't
    verify or wouldn't verify it was you they have every right to call. Until you tell them that is not me and thats not my last 4 of my ssn#.
    Learn FDCPA laws before you spew you fkng Jew punk azz fkng Lawyer [censor] of the fkng earth mouth you baggy eyed denture wearing Zionist Jew scumbagg fkng Lawyer [censor]. The Fedl' Government allows them to skip trace people via whatever means is approved. If its not you then you tell them so. If it is you and you don't verify, they will continue to call until you have verified its not you. I hope you go to hell for becoming a devil worshiping Jew Zionist NWO Pig fkng lawyer. The laws of this land were written by scumbagg rich and it talks in circles to benefit the well-to-do in this world. God know who you lowlife mthr fkrs are, and you will pay with your eternal soul. BUrn you fkng Zionist Jew pig skank lawyer [censor]. Your real holocaust is coming this time you lowlifes of the earth. I wan't to be on the match lighting squad that burns you mtha fkrs for real this time. Fkng holocaust was a big fat propaganda [censor] lie. Hitler himself was a Jew who changed his name, All od this was done to create Jew sympathy. I have no sympathy for you lowlifes. You are the reason the world is in the shape its in with your money and brow beating - Jewing people out of their hard earned money. A richman will not enter the Kingdom of heaven, show me a rich person and I show you a fkng Jew skanky azz crook who fk'd or screwed someone in a shadydeal down the line in his or her career. For that you will pay pay pay... The meek shall inherit the earth not you stinky rich Illuminati, NWO, Zionist Jew pig mthr fkrs.

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    MKAUZ Oct 19, 2010

    Thomas300 it's time for medication.

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