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C Nov 28, 2018
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Dear Customer Service Representative:

In April, 2016, I purchased a 2012 Buick Regal from the Ivory Chevrolet in Union City, Georgia (which is now Nally Chevrolet). I have paid out of pocket for a substantial amount of work that had to be done ($5, 000) which I feel should have covered all and any problems with the vehicle. Additionally, since purchasing the vehicle I have always kept the maintenance of the vehicle current.
On October 27, 2018, after stopping for a red light the car went dead and my wife could not get the car started so I had it towed to my home and later towed to Nally Chevrolet. They indicated that they would have to perform a diagnostic and quoted to me a price of $125.00 which I agreed to but later I got a call several days later from indicating that the diagnostic had something to do with the engine and would now cost $350.00.
I indicated to Nally that the car was only a 2012 year and I had it for less than 3 years and had already spent a substantial amount of money for a vehicle less than 6 years old; and that there should not be a problem with the engine unless the vehicle is defective. I also indicated that I had budgeted for the original quote of $125.00 for the diagnostic. Nally refused to consider that there could be a problem with the engine and said that they would not do the diagnostic for less than $350.00. And, they have been absolutely no help in helping me resolve the matter and get my car in working order.
I then called your Customer Service Office and was directed to someone named Tanisha [protected] ext 591221) who kept telling me that she was calling Nally on a daily basis but they were not returning her calls. I thought the customer service representative was working to help me resolve the problem because she repeatedly kept telling me that she was calling Nally to speak with the service manager but they would not return her call.
Monday (after the Thanksgiving holiday) I again reached out to your customer Service person who then informed me that she had been on vacation for a week and had no knowledge of what I was talking about. I therefore again, re-explained my dilemma to her and she said that the diagnostic should be performed for the $125.00 as initially quoted. I asked her to contact the Service Manager at Nally and tell him to proceed at the cost initially quoted. To date (November 27, 2018, I have received no satisfactory response to my problem and don't see one coming in the foreseeable future.
I am reaching out to you to help me get the "First Rate Service" as advertised by GMC for "ALL" of their vehicles. Additionally I feel that a loaner car should be provided to me free of charge as I am not responsible for the problem and I am to date out of pocket of more than $500.00+ to ride service providers I am still using this service M-F)of each week since my car stopped. AS I am write this letter to you I get a call from Tanisha who now tells me today, (November 27, 2018, two weeks after my initial call) I now have to pay $350.00 instead of the $125.00 she initially indicated I had to pay I truthfully don't believe that this Customer Service person had my best interest at heart nor did she really seriously try to resolve my complaint to my best interest. Also I feel that I was provided very poor customer service in the resolution of this matter.
I ask for your help to a positive resolution of this issuer as:
• I have paid substantial money for a 2012 year model car and problems were not resolved
• The car was sold to me as a fully working vehicle with no problems and not sold "as is"
• I have not received the Customer Service attention to this matter as advertised by GMC

And, more importantly, I am paying on a car note for a car that has been out of service for more than two months due to poor customer service. I appreciate your immediate attention to a speedy resolution to this issue.
Clarence Tarplin (Telephone: [protected])

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