General Motors Corporation2017 chevrolet malibu ls

M Nov 29, 2018

10/31/17 ISSUE: Service engine light on-standard maintenance
miles on vehicle 6193

11/14/17 ISSUE: Service engine light on:
miles on vehicle 6944
DTCP Post Catalyst Fuel Trim System High Limit
Cause: #PIP5445B:Malfunction indicator lamp illuminated with DTC P2097 states toreprogram ECM
Correction: Re-programmed ECM with latest calibrations, relearned crankshaft variation, claim code 11791

2-19-18 to 2-23-18 ISSUE: A: Standard maintenance, miles on vehicle 12958

ISSUE B: Passenger side floorboard wet from water under dash board.
Cause: Found water coming from on top HVAC box running down onto floor, found water in cabin filter.
Correction: windshield re-sealed

2-23-18 to 2-26-18 ISSUE: Vehicle returned after in service for 4 days, with check engine light coming on.
Cause: found new update for ECM reprogram for codes stored in ECM P2097
Correction: re-programmed with update software cc:11791
Miles on vehicle 12970
10/26/18 ISSUE: Check engine light on, called Auffenburg for service apt. Light went off before apt. was kept.

11/12/18 ISSUE: Check engine light on, called Auffenburg for service, turned car over, picked up rental.
Cause: Verified customer concern, found PIP5535B bulletin related to condition. Verified software and O2 sensors were installed already
Correction: NO REPAIR AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME in data base!!! Miles on vehicle: 29623

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