Geicoauto theft claim not paid

A Woodbury, NY Review updated:

I am insured with Geico and my car was stolen in 8/2008. I have full coverage on my policy for this vehicle and to date Geico has still not resolved my claim. My vehicle has an outstanding loan that has now affected my credit and all I am told by Geico is that the claim is still pending, Tell that too the lienholder. Per regulation 64 this should have been paid in 25 calender days and its been 11 1/2 months.
Geico is a complete joke, they spend billions of dollars on advertisement and make even more on us consumers. They now are trying to get out of paying their insureds auto claims. The state bailed out AIG not Geico, I want what I am entitled too, the Actual Cash Value of my vehicle. I plan on contacting Channel 12 news who are located in the Woodbury, NY area along with Geico and put them on blast. You can not do this to honest people in hard economical times like these. I have every intentions on fighting this all the way.


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      May 21, 2011

    Read my complaint of today and if you haven't already sued them, do so.

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