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I have a 4 year old GE Monogram 42" built in side by side fridge. It has had numerous issues with maintaining cool temp in the fridge and freezer and the unit is serviced 2x a year for this issue (along w/ moisture problems, ice maker issues, etc.). This started w/ in the first 6months of ownership. I have had the gasket, compressor, air fan, air flow damper, and other parts I do not recall along with the ice maker and water hoses replaced. Today I had the unit serviced again- needed a new air flow damper (how many of those do you need?) because my fridge was a balmy 58 degrees. In the process of replacing the air flow damper some how my freezer lost its ability to maintain it's temp. I called GE service who were quite rude as usual and will need to have another service technician come out tomorrow. Another day sitting around waiting from 8:00-5:00. I asked to speak with a supervisor whom informed me that unless the same part (not same problem) broke 3x within the same calendar year, the product would not replaced and they do not make lemons. I was given Ray Craft's PO box in VA to send my complaints. After reading previous complaints about dealings w/ Mr. Price I am quite doubtful I will receive any satisfaction w/ Mr. Craft or GE in general. I would advise anyone researching a new fridge to buy anything but a GE Monogram because the product is inferior, customer service is quite curt, and service is incompetent.


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Jul 28, 2015 11:46 am EDT

I had no idea how bad GEs customer service was until I had to call them to complain about my GE Monogram microwave's interior paint chipping off. They denied there was an issue with their product and if paint was chipping it was purely cosmetic, it did not harm you or the functionality of the unit. Also, since my microwave was 7 years old it needed to be replaced since microwaves only have a lifespan of 5-7 years. Interesting, since I've had microwaves for easily 20 years without any paint chipping or any other problems for that matter. I also purchased a GE monogram dishwasher at the same time and it is awful, doesn't clean dishes no matter what detergent I use. I will never purchase a GE product again!

Jul 25, 2008 8:03 am EDT

My refrigerator is 3 years old. I phoned GE for service and they refused to send someone because the unit is not under warranty. They told me to go look in the yellow pages.

Jun 03, 2014 11:39 am EDT

I have a GE Monogram refrigerator, double oven, washer and dryer and they all have had major issues. Service calls have been worthless. Customer Service has only offered a discount on a new model with astronomical pricing. I would never buy GE again. Refrigerator and freezer temps fluctuate constantly, top oven of double has had element replaced and now has a short in the electrical system so can't use, and washer sounds like I'm washing rocks during wash cycle. I feel I have wasted thousands of dollars buying inferior products.

My experience with the GE monogram refrigerator is exactly how "concerned nadoparent" described it above. My GE monogram was replaced twice and each time, the temperature would fluctuate because " the air flow does not work properly", it is a badly designed product. Everyone in the industry knows this and I went through 3 of them to proof it. this product's basic design is faulty. I have an inexpensive Frigidaire that has lasted me longer (over 20 yrs ) and has never ever given me a problem.

Sep 09, 2013 3:01 pm EDT

So here I am with no refrigerator again! Freezer is reading -12 and the refrigerator is 51. The food again is rotting and molding.
I have been complaining about the unit running constantly since it was bought 4 years ago. I was told it was just my imagination.
Now all I do is call the repair people because the freezer is so cold that the ice dispenser won't work. The word today from
the repair office is to take all the food out(meaning throw it away) so the unit can defrost. This is not going to work, since they had
me to it before. I can't even remember all the different ideas I have been given as to the cause of this malfunction. Oh yeah, all
the water running down the walls and door of the refrigerator side has now started to turn to rust. It is the end of summer and I
am camping out in the kitchen using two coolers to store food. The final insult, I have to BUY ice to keep the coolers cold. Sept 9, 2013.

May 07, 2011 3:28 pm EDT

Hello everyone...

I agree with everything stated above... We have a 36" monogram side by side... Paid $3500 and 7 service calls later totally $1000 plus we are not happy... It seems in the Monogram line the refrigeration is the issue... Horror story after horror story... I have lost a total of 32 plus hour from work waiting on service calls... NEVER AGAIN WILL I PURCHASE OR RECOMMEND MONOGRAM... I am a builder and the owner just spec monogram in the home... Guess what we will do on Monday... Cancel the entire kitchen... Get this the gentleman who took my service call today offered me $100 off a new ... Your not serious right...

Jun 01, 2010 12:17 pm EDT

GE Monogram is the worst refrigerator. Do not get stuck like I did. It has not worked right from day one with a myriad of problems. It's a total rip off expensive piece of crap. GE should shut down.

Mar 31, 2009 3:40 pm EDT

Please everybody, do not purchase a GE ANYTHING.

I usually research the wazzoo out of any pricy purchase before committing my hard-earned dollars. I researched GE Monogram refrigerators just like any other purchsae. Despite finding many compaints, and against my better judgement, BUT because it "looked nice" - and there were good reviews right? I bought my fancy new stainless steel 42" GE Monogram built-in side by side refrigerator. How lovely - I spent hours gazeing at it and ooohing every time I opened the door and so did everyone else.

Ah but all good things must come to an end. Our freezer is now down to -16 degrees (another 4 degrees and the seals around the doors will begin cracking and/or I'll be able to lease it out for cryogenics) and our refrigerator is a nice spring 49 degrees with lots of condensation creating rust on the shelfs and mold on the food. mmmm healthy! It is just out of warrenty so instead of calling GE I called a recommended appliance company.

When the generic tech came by he said 1) GE parts are extremely pricy, 2) GE products break down more than most any other company, and 3) In the future do not buy GE (this is from a qualified appliance tech!) . Since the monogram has a motherboard and because only GE has the diagnostics tool, the best any other tech could do would be replace expensive parts until they find the right one (for this the problem is possible one of the dampers or the fan - note that there are 3 dampers at over $130 each).

Okie dokie, I'm already kicking in the but for not heeding the reviews so to make better of the situation I sent the generic tech on his way with his service fee, and decided to get a GE repairman in to get it done right. It took 4 days to get an appointment which you MUST do online. Even if you talk to someone at GE you still must go online to book an appointment. They absolutely can not do it over the phone - did I mention that my research also noted their bad customer service.

The GE tech came and after determining it was one of two of the problems the other guy had mentioned decided to order me a part (he too couldn't be certain). But guess what, it turns out that the appliance shop I purchased the refrigerator from either removed the serial number plate or it fell off in a move. No serial number plate = no service. I did have the documentaton with the info in front of me that they could use and apparently they can get it from the diagnostics but they refused to work on the appliance - flat out. Not only did they refuse to work on it, they were very rude about it, packed up their stuff, and walked out of the house without even a good day - it was like someone caught them with a dead body in their hands. Unbelievable!

So bottom line is that GE won't service my lovely GE appliance and generic appliance tech "can't" service it. Lovely. I have no idea what to do except trash it. Just what I expect from a $4000 purchase! So people, lets say you are researching your next kitchen appliance purchase and you come upon this message board, please do not disregard it. Buy from another manufacturer. Look at it like a stock pick and consider this one too volitile to invest in. In the end, you may never know what could have happened but consider yourself lucky for not knowing.

Mar 04, 2009 6:55 pm EST

K. Dillon, We had the same problem with our one-year old GE Monogram builtin dishwasher. A few nights ago, during one of its wash cycles, the hot water continued to flow until it poured out of the door and soaked our kitchen bamboo floor.

Fortunately, we were home at the time. Once we turned off the water to the dishwasher, we mopped up the floor.

The service tech came out a few days later and is ordering new parts that he will install next week.

We've decided to never, never leave home while an appliance such as a diswasher or washing machine or dryer are going.

Aug 19, 2008 1:38 pm EDT

I would like to speak generally to GE's lack of service, in this case on a brand new GE dishwasher that arrived with a defective water valve. The inability of GE's Service group to get a repair person out to respond after serious damage occured is shocking (after repeated failures to appear for or schedule an appointment time, we had the first "official" GE tech visit a full month after the new GE dishwasher leaked, damaging both our condo and the neighbor's downstairs). Added to that "service" problem at GE is the non-service attitude of their Consumer Relations personnel who can only point to scheduling a service call or indicate it is not really their problem that a brand new GE product has been nonfunctional for over a month while a home left is in disrepair awaiting their official evaluation. We, too, have received Mr. Raymond Craft's name for documenting our concerns and seeking a more rational response. I will post again if there is a turnaround because I am a believer that companies can actually make things right. But so far, I am depressed about a once great company's decline...shame is the word.

Aug 15, 2008 12:23 am EDT

I agree with all the commentary about shoddy service from GE. I purchased a GE Monogram SS 48" grill w/ Rotisserie about 2 years ago (Dec 2005) and have not been happy since. The infared burners will not ignite unless I use a lighter, and then they will not stay lit for more than 5 minutes. Have any of you had a BBQ with a dozen friends waiting for golden-brown rotisseserie chickens, only to find 3 rotating raw chickens an hour after starting the process? Also, two of the four burners will not ignite unless I remove the grates and use a long lighter to ignite the iron burners (right, not even brass burners for $2K). During the first year of ownership, I swear I saw the GE repairman at least monthly (or rather, I waited 6-8 hours for him to show up, which only occasionally happened). Funny thing, the GE repairman convinced me to purchase the extended 3 yr warranty for $99 - what a great deal that was...(I'm sure he regrets that now.) Long story short, it's been 2+ years and I still call GE on a bi-weekly basis to book an appointment for poor old John to come out and spend several hours attempting to fix a grill that thus-far has proven to be a lemon. Over the past 2 years, I've seen pallets of parts delivered by UPS on one day, only to be packed up in a GE repair van the next day - smells a little fishy, huh? No one seems to care at GE, GE Monogram, or the outsorced GE extended contract vendor. There is absolutely no accountability, whatsoever. Shame on you, GE.