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Reviews and Complaints

Barrhead Travel Serviceshowing us a completely different hotel (on screen) to one we were being sent to

Mon 15th July 2019, we browsed ads in window, picked one (MAXORATA BEACH APTS) S/C 14 days for £419.00 PP

We booked right away, paid deposit, discussed car parking, and baggage allowance.

Before we left, we asked to view resort on her screen, to view what we could expect. It was beautiful, modern, near beach, spotless throughout. We were very pleased.

The Hotel we viewed on screen, we later discovered was called: SBH MAXORATA RESORT
COST: £983.00 PP A

We left to browse for new cases, clothes, etc.,

When we got home, we were still on cloud nine and got the computer out to peruse at leisure. Imagine our dismay when what came up was a Nightmare. Bungalows lacking care, shoddy poolside area, and no sight of the Beach.

I looked up the reviews for above resort, and it was not good reading: most complained about the old mattresses, thin walls, plaster falling off, deposits for remotes etc., the worst was cockroaches (and he supplied pics) The only good ones were that the staff were friendly.

My partner and I have used your Company for many, many years, and will continue to do so, but will be wary of disinformation .

I don't know how to send document of our booking, but the file No. is [protected]
Atol : 1179
Ref: 9642618