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I took my daughter along for The Who I Am Project. Such a cool concept for a pre-teen.
The session was lovely and they did a great job of ensuring she felt loved and special.
The package was to include one print.

Towards the end of the viewing of the slideshow, which was clearly thrown together just so we could see the photos, the sales pitch started. But only after we heard the life story of the salesman
Then the sales pitch started. It was obvious I was uncomfortable.
I can not afford thousands of dollars on prints. I was sold an experience for my daughter, to help her self esteem.
I felt pressured and extremely uncomfortable. In front of my daughter he said "you mean you can't even afford $21 per week"?
No. I can't.
I felt sick and embarrassed in front of my daughter.
Please don't do this in front of pre-teens, it completely contradicts the point of this project.

Aug 16, 2019
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  • Ga
      Aug 16, 2019

    Hi Chantal,

    Thank you for your feedback regarding your daughters experience with our Studio Team and Photographer. I'm so glad your daughter felt loved and special through her experience.

    We take this sort of feedback very seriously and we work so hard on educating clients on pricing to help set realistic expectations, as we understand that photography is an investment. Our client journey goes through a number of steps to ensure that all clients are made aware of what to expect on the day, regardless of whether you decide to purchase additional images or not.

    The Who I Am Project was introduced by the Company Director – it is quite a personal project she wanted to run.

    For the past 2 years she has been working with women all over Australia and USA on empowering their belief in themselves and to love who they are. From this many of the women have spoken out about the negative experience their daughters are having from the transition to high school or dealing with being in high school. This all stems from a lack of self love & worth and unfortunately this comes from the world of social media and bullying/cyber-bullying.

    The project itself is to help these girls (going into adolescence) understand and accept who they are as a person and to love themselves for who they are. It is about showing them that yes the social media world is glamourous and lush, but it is not real and it is unrealistic for them to compare themselves to the girls and women on it.

    Ultimately, we apologise that you have left our studio feeling that you were pressured to purchase. Having said that, I will log your feedback and we will work very hard on preventing this re-occurring.

    Your end product will look amazing and that is guaranteed- we are very proud of our products and the quality that we deliver in both products and aftercare.

    Thanks GAP Studios

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  • Mi
      Sep 11, 2019

    I had the exact same experience. It was extremely emotional and pressuring to decide on the spot. It went from an amazing experience, bonding with my daughter - to wanting to get out of there ASAP. Beautiful work from the photographer, just can't justify the packackes on offer.

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