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The following is a reply In regards to my inquiry to a man named wayne williams. I researched the Quarantine policies for Hawaii and his claim was false. I have been searching for a frenchy for months and 9 times out of 10 I get a message in almost this EXACT format. I called him out on his false claims and he didn't answer. I told his he should be ashamed and he should be in prison. He then answered a week later telling me to be careful what I say because it'll come back to me. PLEASE be careful. Don't ever send money to someone. Go see the dog, get pictures and face time with the seller. I had requested more specific photos, one with the pups with their names on a piece of paper in front of them. Of course he didn't deliver. Be careful of this format of email. It's a fraud.

Thanks for the mail and your interest towards my lovely puppies .
sorry for the late respond They are still available to any family ready to
provide them with enough care and love, were they will be well spoiled
with all their need . Ryder is a male and Olivia is a Female, All of them
are 12 - 13 weeks old,
They are champion bloodline, registered AKC, vet check, updated in all
shots. Well-tamed and potty trained, good associate with kids and other
house hold pets also very Energetic and eager to learn . They are intelligent,
independent and courageous. Quick to determine where they fits in a house hold's
"pack." Good companionship and friendly towards new people . They are pure breed
French Bulldog puppies

To begin i will like to know more about you.

-Are you a breeder?
-Are you familiar with this breed of Puppies?
-Do you have kids?
-Do you have a Vet Doctor?
-What is your occupation?
-Give me a Brief Description about your Environment?
-Where exactly are you located?
-Are you interested in both puppies or just one? if one a male or a female?
-Have you Ever arrange for a home delivery for a pet?
-Are you willing to get the puppies ship?

Sorry for all this Questions (I mean not to offend you ) but just that
I really need a loving home for these puppies, i am located in Ocean city
MARYLAND, Reason for Re-homing the Puppies is because I just got my
Scholarship to further my course in Hawaii and the Hawaii state's
authority does not allowed Animal to get into their state due
to their Strong Quarantine restrict Law.

So i need an urgent home for them so badly . I am giving them out for
$200 each and $400for both with delivery inclusive, I am not out to
make money from them since they were just like my own children, my main
concern is to give them the best they ever want . all I will like to
hear from you is to Promise me that you would shower them with lots of
TLC .And I would never like that my babies should end up in a shelter
or rescue ., feel free to mail me . If you are willing to get them, please
e-mail me asap so that I would stop all other contacts .If you have
any more question to ask I will answer you truthfully and faithfully.

Best Regard

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Oct 28, 2016 3:14 am EDT

We were scammed by someone posing as a French bulldog breeder in Texas . We wired the money (which we now realize was a huge mistake on our part!), but then found the photo of the dog that we thought we'd adopted on numerous other sites, some of which had been posted almost two years ago, and found that these "breeders" have numerous websites/names including Family Blue Frenchies and Cute FAMILY Frenchies. Unfortunately, we paid first, researched later. Really unsaavy of us, but these people are despicable.