Fred Meyercustomer service complaint

Ty Oct 06, 2019

I recently was over charged for some items I bought which were in a 5 items for 99cents coupon deal there at Fred Meyers. I got home checked my receipt and noticed the over charges which were annoying so I called and spoke to someone whom told me to come back in and that the overcharges would be reimbursed back to me. I came back to the a Store that overcharged and was rudely dealt with by the clerk in the customer support desk. I believe her name was Charrise, I asked to speak to a manager who was I guess at the end of the desk area ease dropping whom loudly claimed she was not rude, thats beside the point. I needed somone who understood the overcharge and for it to be resolved. This person who spoke up and involved himself claimed he was a manager and wasn't clocked in it and that maybe I should shop at Walmart, and that maybe I thought I was better then themselves. I don't think anyone in customer support, human resources, manager or employee has the right to be that lame and rude for a fault that wasn't mine, it was an over charge which should have been easy to fix. I got picture of this so called manager his name was Joshua, I then over heard this manager tell the clerk who came to the desk and fix the error to hurry up the transaction, the clerk then gave me $5 dollars and receipt of that number, which wasn't even the right amount I was owed for the over charge. I and my partner where then followed out of the store like we were wrong; eventhough this was your store error at check out.
This was very rude and I would like to file a complaint towards the manager named "Joshua" and the clerk "Charrise" there at the W. 11th store.
Best regards,
Tyler Kersh

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