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On 1/11/22022, around 12:10pm, I went to Fred Meyer to purchase some groceries and pick up a Rx. I grabbed all the items I came for, and went through self checkout. These are the items I purchase:

1. 2 Liter Pepsi
2. 2 Liter 7-up
3. 2 Liter Cherry 7-up
4. 5lb bag of Fuji Apples

I had all my items in a handcart, as I was scanning and bagging my items I noticed that NONE of the paper bags had handles. They were actually the bags that were supposed to be used for customer pick (those who order online). I asked the cashier if they had any bags with handles... she said no, they didn't send us any, we get what we get. I explained to her that it would be nice to have bags at self check out, may people who go through self check out don't have shopping carts just hand carts. It was extremely difficult to hold a bag without handles filled with 6 Liter of soda and a 5lb bag of apples. Something as simple as a handle on the bag can make the shopping experience a lot better for those who have a few items and want to hand carry them out. The paper bag with no handles is not suitable for self-checkout, most of us don't have shopping carts. We should have the option to have bags with handles since we have to pay $0.05 for each bag. Next time I'm going to take my hand cart out and leave it on the curb.

Also, this is not a supply chain issue, they have been doing this since June of 2021.

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