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Frank Strouse

Frank Strouse review: Scumlord Creating Health Problems

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9:16 pm EST
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Do not ever rent a place from Frank Strouse. He is one of the biggest slumlords I have ever come across. Not only does he not care about his tenant’s health he refuses to do anything about the problems that are causing said health problems. My fiance and I rented a place from Mr. Strouse for several years and not once during all that time did he ever address any of the issues that we brought to him. His response was always the same either we fix it or he will raise our rent. We had told him for over a year about the black mold that we had in our bathroom and finally it became too much. The black mold was so bad that it started causing severe respiratory problems as well as heart problems for me and my whole family. We then told Mr. Strouse that we would not pay for the rent until the mold problem was fixed and that we were going to turn him into the city inspector’s office for code violations. His response to this was to have us evicted from the home thus causing us to become homeless where we now suffer even more health problems than before. Frank Strouse refused to work with us on this issue and when it came time for us to move our belongings from the house he complicated things by attacking us and yelling at us for no reason. We had to call the police on him several times to get him to back off from us and at one point he attacked me while I was there even though I walk with a cane because of my disability. He has no regard for human life and cares only for himself and his wife who HAS to drive a jaguar. This man owns several rental properties so he is not someone who is hurting for money. If you rent from this man or if you are considering it please think twice, this man will hurt you more than he will help you.

Update by Disabled Mother
Feb 17, 2011 9:56 pm EST

Because my fiance thought that he would be a decent human being but he was wrong. Now I have to suffer being homeless and disabled because Mr Strouse chose to be evil rather than a decent GOD loving person.