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France Telecom/Orange review: Answering the English Line

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8:24 am EDT

Yesterday I spent hours trying to get through to this line, and today I tried again. I have hung on for an hour! after about 20 min an operator answered . I said I had hung this time for 20 min.. He said they were a mall team and cut me off. I immediately redialled and hung on for over another half and hour. It was not possible for me to continue with this, so I had to hang up. I tried so many tmies yesterday and hung on and hung for half an hour at a time. I dont know what my phone bill will be like! If this small team is so busy surely Orange have to employ more people to deal with their customers queries, or segregate the type of queries to more categories. At the moment there are two options for this. As it is the English line surely they must realize that the clients are calling from England and the calls cost a lot. .


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Jun 13, 2018 10:28 am EDT

2018 and it seems almost as difficult. Had always managed to have a polite sensible outcome to my phone calls when eventually answered . Today I had the most difficult experience from a French Orange male operative who cut me short, shouted at me, would not check back on last call re situation and said they were too busy and still shouting he cut me off . I had asked 3 times to speak to a supervisor and he said there was no point! Do they record customer calls for training purposes ? !