Fox TVsears. repair of my oven range

C Jul 24, 2019 Review updated:

For 2 years we've been patient with sears our range keeps falling apart when it takes too long for them to fix the wires pull out then we have to unplug it continual buzzing.
There idea of fixing it is tape this was a new range through sears we pay an awful lot of money for there top protection plan .
Today my service man was here he gave me a number to call
1 st call -45 min
2 nd call 1 hour on hold waiting then
3rd call called back still on hold for 125 minutes and they disconnected me again.
Our oven has been out over Christmas and
a few other gatherings of the family 30 people or more.
Im not expecting much just my range to be working when I need it they can't seem to fix it so I have asked them to replace it I'm tired of them taping it up and thinking the problem is solved.
Im sending you a picture of sears fix .
They think I should deal with this rather then just replace the range.

sears. repair of my oven range


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