Foreigner in the Phillipines/ Illegal Charity. (Lieutenant General Sir Terrence Flannery Martin and Mrs Balding Betty Flannery)illegal charity and gay pornography actor

C Jul 21, 2019 Review updated:

Terrence Martin Flannery is actually Terry Doula la. As Terry Dou la la, he spent many years in the US dancing in gay clubs and providing gay sex as an escort to young men. He was also seen in several gay movies as a bottom, i.e. Getting it in his bum.

He has now found his way to the phillipines where he seems to be running similar businesses aside from his illegal charity work and producing similar gay sex movies with a number of old men, who visit from the West from time to time. So he will interview them for his you tube channel but also let them give him bum shots later on, while he carries his shoulder bag and wears his weird sunglasses and sandals to look cute...

He is a prowler and has also been seen wearing his mother in laws large unwashed panties around the property . Both he and the so called woman i.e. Wife, mother in law and sisters of the wife, are all very dirty and do not shower so you can only imagine the smell of all the unwashed female genitalia on this hill in Bohol, , , especially Beth, Nanay and Lina, old ugly smelly cake...


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    Yvonne Marais Nov 02, 2019

    Hope you have proof and photos and stating facts and not fiction. . This can be defamation of character and claim against you for Millions.!

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