Ford & Pioneer Fordnot forthcoming about the towing capacity

C Jan 22, 2020

I have some concerns I have about the 2019 F-150 I purchased from Pioneer Ford in Platteville, WI. When I first visited the dealership, I told them I was looking for a truck to use to trail ride and camp.

We went over the specs in the brochure and talked about the equipment I'd need. I told them what I would be pulling a gooseneck and a loaded# (11, 215 pounds), would be under the 12, 900 pounds towing I was shown for this truck. I bought this thinking it would be the last truck I'd need.

It came to my attention a few weeks ago that the gooseneck towing is 10, 400 pounds and not the 12, 900 pounds I was lead to believe. When I talked to Pioneer Ford about what I would be using this truck for, at no time did they inform me that the gooseneck towing was not the same as what's printed in your brochure for towing. I went back to them and asked about this. They said I'd be fine pulling the gooseneck. As I was still worried I asked if anyone else pulled like I wanted to with an F-150 so they had another customer call me. He called and said they'd towed a fifth wheel camper with a F-150 and had no problems. I felt better after talking to him but then I talked to a mechanic and he told me he wouldn't pull my weight with the F-150. Now I'm worried about safety when I pull and don't know who to believe. I'm hoping you can reassure me that I'll be ok pulling my gooseneck if I took two horses (approximately 11, 215 pounds).

Why is this big difference in towing ratings not printed in the brochure. I was lead to believe I could tow 12, 900 pounds so I didn't have any concerns about the 11, 215 pounds I could be pulling. Also, why didn't Pioneer Ford tell me about the towing difference for a gooseneck when I was dealing with them. I traded in an F-250 so if they had told me about this differance, I'd have looked at getting a F-250 instead of the F-150. Now I'm worried that I won't be safe if I take two horses.

Is there anything I can do to the truck to increase the towing capacity when I need to pull two horses? I am hoping you will be able to give me some solutions for this. Hoping to hear from you soon on this matter. I sent a letter to your Customer Viewpoint address in Ann Arbor on Jan 13th but have not heard back from them yet. Thank you.

Cathy Nodorft
Potosi, WI [protected]

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