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A Oct 24, 2019 Review updated:

I made an appointment two weeks prior to my appointment date, which was on 10/12/19, at 8:00 am. I arrived early, (7:40am) and checked in. Bobby Gray checked me in. I let him know that I was waiting for my oil change, and tire rotation. By the way, I have the V.I.P. To make a long story short, somehow my work order got passed over to Vince Hammond. And 4 hours later, I'm still waiting for my truck. What got my attention was, a lot of the people that got there after me, was having their vehicle completed, and they were leaving. So I went back to the service desk, to inquire about my vehicle, Bobby then turned and asked Mr. Hammond, was my truck ready. Mr. Hammond stated that he called my name, and I didn't answer, He stated that he called my phone number, (which was my job), and they said, I was not there. How could I be at work, when I was in the waiting area, the whole time!!! Mr. Hammond went as far as to go into the customer waiting area, and asked the remaining customers, Did y'all hear me call the name Campbell, and approx.: 10-12 people said no, they never heard him call that name. The entire time, I sat by the door, going to the restroom a couple of times, but, I never left the wait area. At that point, Mr. Hammond got started to get hostile, and accused my of calling him a liar. We went back and forth, then he started to approach me in a aggressive manner! The two females at the cashiers counter had to restrain him. Then he came around the counter, and came at me again! Several people restrained him again. I then let him know that this was very unprofessional, and I will reiterate that on my survey. I was then given my keys and receipt, and I proceeded to go to my truck. Well, I marked my right rear tire with orange paint, to satisfy myself, that they rotated my tires. To my surprise, the tire I had marked, was still in the same place!!! They said on the receipt, that the tire rotation was done. So, I returned to the service department, and got Bobby Gray to come out to my truck, where I pointed out, that they did not rotate my tires!!! He shook his head in discussed, and asked me if I had MORE TIME, he would get them rotated, and get my truck washed. So now, I have to wait, even longer before I can leave!!! I spoke to the general manager, Ashanti, about the situation while I was there. The bottom line is, I arrived at 8:00am, and I didn't leave until after 1:00pm!!! Half of my day was WASTED, for what should have been 2 hours at best. Very poor customer service!!! So at the end of the day, I got threatened by Mr. Hammond, the work that was supposed to be done was not, which is fraud, and I started to wonder if they even changed my oil!!! Needless to say, I'll NEVER come back to Sheehy ford again and I will definitely tell all of my friends and family about the treatment I received while there. Oh and by the way, in the past, I have purchased 3 trucks from Sheehy Ford!!! When I'm ready to upgrade, it will not be there!!!

Alvin Campbell


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