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The owner of this wedding video, Mark is a fraud. He is constantly hiring people, takes advantage of them without payment. He has to change his name because victims can not sue him. He also tried to make death threat to one of them.

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  • Th
    the jib Mar 07, 2013

    100% agree, this bloke is the lowest of the low, ripped me of $1200 a while back for my wedding, we never got a wedding album as he was trying to hike the price by $5000, this skinny little [email protected] rat will smile while lying to your face . stay away

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  • Do
    DONNYGo Oct 17, 2012

    Update from 3/2011 purchase. Leaking roof not covered, they returned my call 3 months later. Attic vents installed wrong and not sealed. AC unit and closet not sealed, sucking dust past filter and out of ceiling vents. I just taped air-handler, the part I could reach and sealed door. It will probably suck in from attic now. Used an IR thermal gun, ceiling temperature reading of 15 degrees where there is no insulation. No access to attic to fix. Discovered interior walls are 2x3, not 2x4. Not a big deal till you try to wire A/V. Baseboards, any water will suck up and stain. Two defective toilet installations with one leak and a damaged bath cabinet. These homes need caulked around the floors. Another complaint, interior and exterior doors stick when home moves, and I am on a foundation/slab. Exterior doors installed out of square and will not seal. Floors squeak and carpet arrived with stains. Nail pops in sheetrock.

    The good. I INSTALLED a whole house vacuum, easy to install and you will love it. Working on adding patios.

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  • Do
    DONNYGo Mar 27, 2012

    If the manager believed what he wrote, he would provide a name and telephone number. I am not a user of this product, but I am in the phonebook and stand behind my opinion. Don Grayson, Mesquite TX

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  • Ju
    just been abused Mar 27, 2012

    spot on
    if Mr Facey and Miss Bethell ran a sucessfull business they wouldn't have as many bad complaints and the need to botch up bogus coments about them selves. We believe once your on a current affair you have hit rock bottom, changing businesses dosen't change the dodgey practices

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  • Ru
    ruinedmywedding Mar 23, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    I have researched days, hours there are 3 positive comments all coincidently from the 'same' people on 2 or 3 different websites - these comments are from 2008, 2009 before your time at Florian, these positive comments were made under the previous owner and manager "Max Pisano" and excellent business owner, person who had an excellent reputation in the wedding industry.

    Marc Facey and Kristy Bethell stop writing about yourselves, if you run such a great place leave the comments to genuine clients, you are the only ones who defend yourselves, you are not tricking anyone but those who don't read the comments on the internet before booking with you.

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  • Be
    Be alert Jan 17, 2012

    i would like to express my disappointment with Florian Receptions also. I have learnt from first hand experience that mark facey is a ### and doesnt care about your event other than to take your money. I had issues with the service, he was rude to my band members, family members and even had coffee served at a table where people had to serve themselves?? pathetic, couples out there DO NOT book Florian, beautiful venue but a low life manager. Stay away.

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  • Ne
    Nevermind100 Dec 26, 2011

    To All Those People Writing These Reviews
    I am a manager at Florian Functions, Mark and his partner have been in the owners of the business for a couple of years now and if you read the reviews on the website and on the web, you will see they are all positive and every one comes out happy, maybe some of you should have a reality check and move on,
    One of the main things that is mentioned on the website, and i quote"NO HIDDEN COSTS" which to me sounds like he isn't trying to rip people off
    Grow Up all of you

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  • Je
    jenny jenny not happy Oct 16, 2011

    we want what belongs to us we are submitting a vcatt application. its your problem you should have thought about it before ripping people off there are many the sooner you fix your mistakes people will leave you alone its up to you ill keep posting all the people above you burnt shame on you

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  • Ma
    markaf7 Oct 15, 2011


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  • Je
    jenny jenny not happy Oct 15, 2011

    this low life dog will never change stay away from florentine where ever he goes ill chase and let people know that hes a cheat . view current affairs for his sad story. the police ase closing in and comsumer affairs will shut him down. if he closes flow images and he owes you money chase his reception center and protest while he has a wedding . Mark your a discrace to humans

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  • Co
    Consumer Aug 04, 2011

    count me in for Class Action!

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  • Hi all, I have also been a victim of Mark Facey of Flow Images. Just about to apply to VCAT. Anyone who is interested in offering support to me please contact me via this website. I am definately interested in a Class Action also.

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  • Un
    undecidedbride Apr 15, 2011

    Has anybody had dealings with Mark in relation to Florian Receptions? have any reviews? Thanks heaps. x

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  • Co
    Consumer Apr 10, 2011

    Hi All,
    It just makes me wonder, VCAT is probably flooded with Flow Images precedence cases by now. Do the new victims need to prove his indecency anymore? Shouldn't it be a guaranteed win for all of us and order to shut his business down? And put the feces head behind bars already!

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  • Ma
    Mark Feces Apr 08, 2011

    Hi "Very Annoyed!!"

    if you are talking about Mark moving from Port Melbourne to East Malvern, the time should be around mid-July 2010.
    hope that helps.

    and to "undecided8728722"
    if you read this thread carefully i'm sure you have already found the answer you need.
    i happened to know not only the customers, but also people who worked for him (or with him) that got burnt. Clients, photographers, album makers, retouchers, graphics designers etc.
    whether you were thinking of receptions or photographer, do yourself a favour
    forget about anything related to this guy
    there are alot of good photographers and amazing receptions in Melbourne.
    if you need help in finding a good photographer, i can recommend you some really good ones (including those who took the photos for Flow Images, if that's what you liked about his company. he never took those photos himself anyway.)

    lucky you came here and ask before you have any money issue with this [censor].
    good luck.

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  • Un
    undecided8728722 Mar 31, 2011

    Should I book my reception with him?

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  • Ve
    Very Annoyed!! Mar 30, 2011

    Hi All,

    Does any body know when Facey moved locations? Surprise, surprise he is trying to find an excuse for not complying with a VCAT order!!!

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  • Is
    Island72 Mar 26, 2011

    HiI all, thanks for sharing to prospective brides and grroms what a low life [censor] Mark Facey of Flow Images is.We thought we were the only ones that got suckered by this piece of rubish. These reviews were not availble when we took on the services of FLow Imges. I'm so happy to see him exposed on ACA. I hope anyone that googles Flow images reads these comments before paying a cent. Just watch ACA, look at his poor attitude. That is the way he treats you on TV, imagine what his like when the cameras are off. WE too have taken this feeble, petty, cow boy boot wearing sack of $%#@ to VCAT and won. STAY AWAY. Good luck

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  • Ro
    Rosanne B Mar 24, 2011

    Hi everyone, as the owner of a long running photography and video company, I would like to let you know not all photographers are like this. By far, the majority of us are ethical and do everything we can to make your day special. The best thing I can advise when choosing a photographer is to follow your instinct. Make sure you understand what you are getting and if not, ask questions. Ask your friends who they used. Ask if they shoot in RAW or JPEG. The better ones will shoot in raw and that will help filter the great ones from the average photographers quickly. There is heaps more we can advise. Call us if you need advice [protected] or go to Rosanne Boxer

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  • To
    Tora11 Mar 21, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    A segment has aired on Flow Images on ACA :

    Take action against him.

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  • Co
    Consumer Mar 21, 2011

    Hi Unsure Bride,
    Don't worry about being sued for the rest of the money. Mark has no ground to sue you for a service you formally cancelled. He only has his precious 'contract' and pathetic hidden clauses to cling to. An ethical business would even refund you the initial deposit, but since Mark is a known fraudster, you have been done. I'm sure you will get a lot of support to even fight for your initial deposit back. Count me in on a class action against this dweeb. Keep us posted on how you go. Hope you find an amazing photographer for your big day.

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  • Un
    unsure bride Mar 21, 2011

    Hi Guys, we are thinking of cancelling out service for our wedding which means we loose our inital deposit. Can anyone let me know whether they have been sued for the outstanding amounts? I mean if your not happy with a service to date why would you want to use the business on the day.

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  • Co
    Consumer Mar 19, 2011

    Dear all, and KARMA - love your posts,
    We were one of the first victims of his unethical business. We got burnt back on 2008 for our wedding photo and video packages and every time we think back, there was always one small little taint on our otherwise perfect day. It was the regret of making the decision to hire that Mark Facey (..though I prefer 'Feces') [censor]. My husband and I watched ACA and couldn't be happier, plus that small taint on our wedding day has disappeared knowing he got what he deserved (reputation wise anyway).
    He is an arrogant, indecent, unethical, pretend-to-be-professional, soulless [censor]. You know sometimes people said a person has bad behaviors, but is not a bad person. Well, for Mark, he is bad right down to the CORE and whatever he is made of.
    Through his actions, it seems that the idea of wedding/happy couple is repulsive to him that he had to make sure he plays an active part in ruining it. It astounds me how Mark can sleep at night knowing what he has done to these happy people and that there are a number of strangers who hate him with a passion. If it were me, I wouldn't be able to close my eyes!

    I want to give my full support to anyone taking him to VCAT, as I have been through it all in 2009. Please leave your VCAT date and time here, I will attend. If anyone needs a written statement, compare the contract, see our court order, etc - more than happy to help. Send me a message though here and I can give your my number.

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  • Re
    Relieved Bride Mar 17, 2011

    Thank you for all posting your comments you saved us from going down the same road, however after we had paid $800 deposit only to not have phone calls returned. So relieved that after repeatedly not having calls returned I googled the company name and saw this thread which allowed us to make alternative arrangements for our big day. Mark was a very smooth salesman and even though we are skeptical by nature managed to pull the wool over our eyes. Those considering him please don't there are many wonderful, professional and ethic photographer out there...just not at Flow Images.

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  • Bl
    Blow images Mar 17, 2011

    My husband and myself paid over $5000 for our wedding day photography and album, (this amount doesn't include the "so called album credit"), although we are yet to get what we paid for.
    We have been to VCAT multiple times although he fails to follow what has been ordered, and not to mention his arrogance when you ask a simple question.

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  • No
    not-happy-Flow! Mar 17, 2011

    Watch 'A Current Affair' tonight (Thurs 17th Mar). They are doing a story on how Mark Facey 'Flow Images' has ripped off brides!!! He definitely had this coming to him.
    From yet another unhappy Flow Images client!

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  • Ma
    Mark Feces Mar 09, 2011

    Hey people Mark will be in court this coming Friday 11th March at 11:15 am at VCAT,
    55 King Street, Melbourne
    bring every piece of evidence you have to support!!
    if you have any kind of verbal evidence, just write it down so that can be presented!!

    see you all there!!!

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  • Ju
    just been abused Mar 03, 2011

    This [censor], MARK FECES is a coward. He tries bullying you into paying more with weak excuses and when you try to reason he then threatens you with abuse, but only on the phone . Flow Images tries to act professional but they seem to not answer the phone or return emails. God help the couples who book at Florian Receptions.

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  • Ja
    jane5 Mar 01, 2011

    As I have personally dealt with Mark the [censor] and that so called 2 bit operation he is running
    out there in East Malvern I advise anyone even considering to use this drop kick to stay away.
    Flow Images as company is the biggest disgrace to the photography industrie and is run by the most arogant
    and dishonest person I have ever met.
    You will pay him thousands of dollars, wait an eternity to get anything and If you are lucky to get anything
    it will be of poor quality, and I can garantee you it will not be what you agreed on.
    To all the disapointed people out there keep doing what you're doing stick to your guns so that Mark Feces and
    Flow Images can be buried once and for all.

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  • Fa
    farmers Feb 18, 2011

    Hey everyone.
    We went to his place tonight at the time specified in emails to get our photos and disc even though we were "Warned" by him that could only happen if we paid MORE money. Everything's recorded and in the hands of legal and media representatives.
    Facey didn't answer the door (we videoed the entire visit) and we left a note. Just as we were leaving (and remember ... ALL WE WANT is our wedding photos as contracted) he arrived home on his bike. His girlfriend opened the door for him so the "BIG BRAVE THING" had left her to deal with the irate customer should she choose to answer the door ... which she hadn't.

    He ran inside and refused to comment or come back out to discuss/resolve our issue. Considering his verbal abuse to me on the phone yesterday, you'd think he was a big "hard man". What a"thing" !!

    Facey subsequently called the police but there was no problems from them.

    Watch closely "A Current Affair"... this [censor] has had his day. When we calculated stuff, he's stooging us for probably @ $2000. He can't get a Lexus, Mercedes, million dollar house in East Malvern and a Reception Centre (FLORIAN in Elsternwick) for 2 K ... which means he must be doing it to LOTS of other people.

    If you have similar experiences with this [censor], sms me on [protected]. I'll call you back and "A Current Affair" will be very supportive.

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  • Fa
    farmers Feb 08, 2011

    Same story with us. Promises, contracts but with NO results.
    Talked to the Police, VCAT hearing being organised, Contacted Consumer Affairs ... oh, by the way "Easy Weddings" have removed him from their list due too many complaints. Neither he nor Flow Images are members of the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers. What a [censor] to cheat people on one of the most important days of their lives. Anybody interested in a Class Action ??

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  • Fl
    flowimagesarescams Jan 28, 2011

    I have also had the unfortunate experience of dealing with this [censor] and his company. He has ripped us off thousands of dollars and many others and we have yet to receive anything from him.

    To anyone out there who is considering using Flow Images, please don’t and be aware of him and his false advertising as nothing that is shown to you initially is what you will get without having to pay an arm and a leg for at the end of it all.

    This [censor] needs to be stopped.

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  • Ma
    Mark Feces Jan 19, 2011

    i used to work for him and he refused to pay up with some flimsy excuses.
    not sure it's related to your case but if you need more detail, or in anyway i can help in order to stop this [censor], let me know.

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  • Si
    Sismis Jan 19, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi, We are currently in the process of taking Flow images to VCAT. Depsite getting our initial VCAT for him to produce our Album at the cost he advertised, we have still not received it and are going back. If anyone is prepared to write us a written statement of their experience we would be extremely grateful. We would also be more than happy to share to our own experience and provide testimony to others who are in the same situation.

    Please contact me via this site if you are able to assist.


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  • Ma
    Mark Feces Jan 18, 2011

    Don't bother even going near this Mark Feces.
    Not only he is a scammer he is also a coward. I know a few people who worked with him and he is trying to sue all of them whenever he was asked to pay up.
    Everyone who is not new in the wedding industry knows about him, they call him Mark Feces, the [censor] of the industry who doesn't know [censor] about photography and pays no respect to anyone.
    The only reason he's got the million dollar house and his fancy car is bcos his daddy has a hotel in Toorak.
    I heard that most of his photographers are gone now so he is starting this wedding banquet/restaurant call florian in Elsternwick
    35-37 Clarence St Elsternwick VIC 3185

    Here is his Facebook page

    warn your friends and family (and anyone else)!!

    and if anyone decided to expose this [censor] to the media or anything, count me in!!

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  • No
    No to Flow Jan 03, 2011

    To anyone considering using Flow Images, please don't, I am among the many who have been fooled into believing that Mark Facey and his business are a reputable photography group, an asumption that has been proven very wrong. I do not think defaming him will do any good but do understand how if feels when he extorts monies above and beyond the "package" you pay for, and when delivery time elapses and there is not product to collect, you get little in the way of explanation. I do however beleive that innocent people preparing for the most special day in their lives should be forewarned. Could i see a show of support for people that might want to meet with the producers of A Current Affair. This will allowed his business practises to be exposed and he is welcome to try and justify his lack of professionalism.

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  • By
    bytheskinofmyteeth Dec 10, 2010

    A few weeks ago, I tried to put money into his account, and his account was closed. Due to these messages and the fact he's moved house and changed accounts is enough to make me suspect something isn't quite right with this business so I cancelled, unfortunately losing my $500 deposit but it could have been worse!

    On top of it all, he tried to blackmail me into telling him where these comments came from! Saying that if I didn't tell him, he would force me to pay the full amount! For photography I've cancelled?!!
    Can't he google the company's name??! It comes up straight away!!! The fact he tried to blackmail me just validated my suspicions and all the above.

    3 Votes
  • Un
    unhappy11 Nov 10, 2010

    Everything mentioned above is true. Stay away from this man. He ripped us off on our wedding day and had us begging for our photos which all we received where 30 4x5 photos, no free album, no free 20x24 wall portrait and no free digital mini album as promised. Unfortuantely, we paid in full and where worried if we sued him, we where sure to never see our photo's again. He has moved address to East Malvern. Mark Facey is a scam.

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  • Mr
    Mr and Mrs Disappointed Sep 25, 2010

    I had a very bad experience with this company. We didn't get anything that was agreed on. It was disappointing that after 3 changes in photographers, we had yet another photographer turn up at our door on our wedding day. We had no idea who it was or the work they were capable of.

    They were unprofessional in the way they dealt with people and left some of our guest taken back. After giving us a date to pick all our prints eg album and the rest of what we had ordered, we turned up to only get our album and the others were not available.

    Whilst we were happy with our final album, it was disappointing to be treated as a number rather than two excited people ready to start their new lives as husband and wife. Wish I had known more about this company sooner. Will not be recommending them to any of my friends that are currently planning their wedding.

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  • Wo
    woofa56 Feb 06, 2010

    I am having the same trouble with them at the moment, and am taking them to VCAT myself

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