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FLAIR MagazineMartin Gondra Fraud

Martin Gondra's greed and willingness to cut corners in the pursuit of money reflects on him as a man without character and unsurprisingly a man without success. He moves from state to state launching new magazines and as soon as the economy hits south he relocates to leech off of another place. Gondra boasts about having over 20 years of experience in L.A., Phoenix, and Las Vegas.. but had any of these enterprises been particularly successful, why would he be be in Colorado? Please do not conduct business with the individual who launched the Latin Playboy in America as well as Que Pasa and other Hispanic publications.. he only wants to tap into the English speaking market now not out of a genuine willingness to publish quality content, but out of pure greed.


  • Ju
    justiceandpeace Mar 01, 2013
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    Verified customer

    Just an update:

    Martin Gondra has closed his Colorado office and moved on to leech off his next city, Houston. Houston businesses, models and anyone even considering working for him, please take caution. He's left a nasty trail in Denver, Phoenix, Vegas, and Newport Beach. I won't go into details here but do your research. All of the negative reviews under "Flair Magazine" he's gotten are unfortunate but very much true. He's now operating as "LUXZIO Magazine".

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  • Fo
    former Luxzio employee Mar 05, 2013

    I completely agree with the author above – Martin Adeo Gondra is a crook, a thief and a criminal!
    All the issues and facts reported in the above complaint are true and I had a chance to witness Martin Gondra pulling off all the trickery, lies and unfairness described above on the employees. I was a witness to Martin Gondra’s unfair business practices, fraudulent behavior, his inappropriate behavior towards women employees in the form of open Sexual Harassement all of that the time that I worked for him in Denver, Colorado.

    I am surprised that there is so few complaints on the Internet about his thievery – I know that a lot of former employees are still trying to collect their unpaid checks dealing with him directly – but it’s a waste of time and energy – he will not pay a cent! He hires desperate people, who are looking for any jobs – and in return for their good work – steals from them! I am also a victim of Martin Gondra’s fraud – he owes me money in the same manner that he owes to many of his former employees.

    I am also surprised that authorities did not stop this crook – it’s high time, Martin Gondra is moving from state to state, avoiding fair punishment and this thief needs to be stopped!

    Here are links to other Complaints against Martin Gondra and his unfair business practices:
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  • Co
    coloradolaser Mar 08, 2013

    Martin Gondra entered into an advertising contract with my company in Colorado. He failed to deliver the promised advertisements, never responded to emails or phone calls, and has since disappeared. He is a total fraud. We are a small company and the exorbitant rate we paid for NO advertising really hurts.

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  • Ju
    justiceandpeace Aug 05, 2013
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    Verified customer

    Gondra has had several different aliases over the years and his newest one is "Martin Gondra Frediani"
    He has used the following in the past:
    Martin Gondra
    Martin Adeo
    Martin Adeo Gondra
    Martin Adeodato Gondra

    He is using the newest name to publish "Houston Latina" which is a mash up of LUXZIO/Que Pasa. You can see the digital version here:

    His (multiple) Linkedin profiles are also full of baloney:

    Slightly different name, still the same crook.

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  • Vi
    Victimadeelcriminal Sep 30, 2013

    He leido todos los comentarios arriba, y estoy en total acuerdo con todos ustedes, este señor GONDRA es un ratero, abusivo, mentiroso que abusa de sus empleados, pero principalmente con las mujeres nos acosa sexualmente. Es una lastima que este delincuente siga por ahi haciendo daño junto a su equipo de complices: Magda Gondra (su esposa La Oaxaqueña) y Meinardo Martinez ( Su amigo y complice de muchos años El Cubano) otro depravado igual que el... Saludos y cuidense de este demonio que se escuda en su religion.

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  • Ni
    nicol71 Sep 08, 2015

    I had the disgrace to work with this person Martin Gondra. if you are over seas and offer you job, DO NOT TAKE IT under any circumstances.
    He hire people outside of USA and never pays.
    Be careful Martin Gondra is very dangerous and use his religion.

    Si este senor te ofrece trabajo NO LO ACEPTES, contrata personas fuera de USA para sus "negocios" en internet. TODO es un fraude.
    Tengan mucho cuidado. A mi todavia me debe por trabajos realizados hace 6 anos.

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