Fireside BankDo not EVER get a loan from them


I have requested 3 payment history reports. We were late on a few payments due to losing my job, now we were catching up. We paided 2 payments in August, 3 in september.. which should have caught us up plus paid the next one in advance. A week later I get a phone call stating I am 2 payments behind n how do I want to handle this. I paid another payment via money order over the phone. Fireside says they have no record of it, im still 2 payments behind. Im not.. I had requested a payment history back in August to to keep on track. Its now October, I have sent 2 other request via email to a supervisor. Each time she tells me its sent out. I have yet to recieve one. They are rude, threatening liars. Do not EVER get a loan from them..

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