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Fieldstone Family Homes

Fieldstone Family Homes review: They do not finish there work

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12:45 pm EDT
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My husband & I purchased a brand new home March 31,2022. 1 MONTH AFTER moving in we find out that a basic yard is not included in our $450K purchase, This was NEVER discussed with us, 4 days before closing we were told we have an allowance for sod & it should be more then enough to complete the yard..END OF CONVERSATION! Then we asked about a final grade of our yard in witch they came & moved around the building materials that had been laying in our yard, the concrete they left, rocks, nails, screws & told us it was a final grade when in fact it was NOT a final grade, it was a rough grade & that's all they will do. When reaching out to the warranty guys about this concern they stated no one has ordered sod & someone would be in touch with us later that day, The next day i reached out to Robin & she had the wrong e-mail so we did not get her e-mail, She stated that we have an allowance for sod & it was OUR responsibility to reach out to landscapers to get the work done & provided me with there referred landscape companies. AGAIN THE FIRST WE ARE HEARING THAT IS IT OUR RESPONISBILITY! NONE of there preferred landscape companies are getting back to me! Then our concern gets moved up to Bryan who states he is going to make this his first priority & will fallow up with a phone call or e-mail the next day, that was 3 days ago & I have NOT heard a word from him & i have tried to reach out multiple times! We also have windows that leak, doors that don't seal or shut correctly, ALOT of cosmetic items that need to be fixed, missing a shower door, wrong handle on a cabinet, wrong cabinet doors in our hallway. This has NOT been a good experience for us!

Desired outcome: I would like my yard completed before my oldest sons birthday party on July 9th & for it NOT to cost me anymore money & all of the other items for my home to be fixed in a timely manor.

Update by APanyard
Jun 30, 2022 12:47 pm EDT

Not to mention if you use there agent to list your existing house as well they will ignore everything you say & do what ever they want. They listed our home before our agreed date witch then resulted in us being homeless for 2 months (my husband, myself, 3 young kids & 2 dogs)!

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