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Myself and a very good friend of mine were talked into signing up for FHTM Canada on the good word of a close friend of mine who was suppose to be our "Sponsor", the only thing is that I found out that she wasn't a very good friend at all, she only had $$$$$ signs in her eyes. Needless to say we unwittingly signed up and had our friends and family sign up only to be left in the dust, scratching our heads saying "what just happened here"? Why isn't anything happening to our team, when we were promised time after time by our "Sponsor" that she would indeed work with us to build our team and told the elderly ladies that she would "build their team for them" NOT TO WORRY. When we started questioning our "Sponsor" she left town never to be seen again, isn't that interesting? Anyway we all ended up dropping out of this great business after never receiving any type of guidance only empty promises and lies. By the way if you are a FHTM Rep in Canada, there isn't a head office in Canada even though they lead you to believe this. And please make sure you read the 35 page policy manual especially the fine print (Scary). We are in the process of trying to recoup some of our losses with FHTM as we feel we mislead our friends and family as they trusted us and we let them down.


  • Mj
    MJOHNN Aug 23, 2009

    What losses did you incure? My step-brother is trying to sign me up. I have not yet seen the 35 page policy. I have only watched the video. I am in California and he is in North Carolina.

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  • Ch
    ChrisMer Aug 30, 2009


    I can't speak for the Canadian experience, here in Southern California, I have experienced a tremendous amount of support from both my uplines and also others who do not benefit monetarily from my success but genuinely want to help. I have also seen a manager who manages her business by building its structure in a supportable and sustainable way (placing new joins in other members' downlines so they succeed and reap the bonus check rather than her). As you read the blogs you'll note plenty of points pro and con collectively. I would encourage you to remember facts like 9 of 10 small businesses fail within the first 5 years (FHTM has been in business 8...) and that there are many reasons for the high failure rate. I'd recommend studying and knowing them.

    Be sure to do your due diligence, learn about your upline, discuss business building plans and make your own decision. I don't think Circuit City was planning on going out of business but it happened anyway. The good news is the products and services are not tied to any one industry, they change based on market trends, and hard work pays off - WITHOUT needing to go through a promotion selection and grooming process and waiting for room at the top like traditional corporate America, or the military hierarchy either. I'd be happy to discuss my experiences so far with you (yes, I've received my first check) and my plans to make my business the 1 of 10 that succeeds. I can tell you, it's going to take work and won't grow itself (nothing but weeds do here on earth anyway...). chris dot merrill 97 at g-mail if you'd like.

    All the best!

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  • Ji
    jintampa Sep 01, 2009

    Anyone who listens to the FHTM spiel and signs up is a fool. What is it about people in this day and age that think it is normal to make money by sitting on your butt and getting other people to pay $250 that you gladly syphon off your share along with all the other leaches sitting high on the pyramid. And this is a pyramid scheme, nothing more.

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  • Mr
    M Rod Sep 02, 2009

    Well, there is alot to learn about FHTM...not really sure how it all works, so we are going to give it a shot. Still not sure about the points I pay every month, but gona go with it for now. My Husband was introduced to the business, and felt it could work, but it isnt easy getting people to listen or go to meetings, any suggestions?

    Thanks M Rod in NC [email protected]

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  • Sm
    smoothnslick Sep 06, 2009

    im thinkin about signing up with fhtm but im not sure if its a scam or not. it sounds kind of fishy but alot of people have told me good things about it.can anyone help me out. is it a scam or you make money or lose money

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  • Mo
    Morals Sep 18, 2009

    To learn about the type of business fhtm is, visit website: or just google mlm the truth.

    If the primary focus is to recruit other members then it falls into the definition of a Pyramid Scheme. The website is a great educational tool to learn more about the scheme, but it takes a willingness to take that step to learn more about the The Truth.

    Also remember the businesses partnered with FHTM are nothing more than affiliates. Affiliates are free and offer free websites to sell for them, but through FHTM it will cost you a pretty penny to sign up and for monthly fees on websites.

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  • Ta
    Taken By FHTM Sep 21, 2009

    I signed up with Fhtm a year ago and became a real leader, the problem was that my sponsors stole from me and the company ended up allowing this and would not help me get my money that I had earned. In two months I signed up over 180 people in my Reginal Business and made nothing! My sponsors got my check for over $35, 000!
    I have turned them over to the BBB, DSC and the Texas State Attorney General.
    I will fight this until the bitter end so look out FHTM!

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  • Ta
    Taken By FHTM Sep 21, 2009

    I have turned them over to the Texas Attorney General, DSC and the BBB.
    I am hot for my money and want to be paid $35, 000!

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  • Bo
    BOYIFMYWIFE... Sep 24, 2009


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  • Ye
    Yellowr0se2913 Sep 27, 2009

    Let me say this about pyramid schemes...first of all schemes are illegal. FHTM is a legitimate business. Second, let me ask long and hard would you have to work to replace Bill Gates or Michael Dell as CEO of Microsoft or Dell? The answer is never. They will always be at the top and the workers at or near the bottom. That is the classic pyramid and every corporation (even the government) has this structure. Pyramids were designed to keep you at the bottom. MLMs offer the opportunity for everyone to move up as high as they wish to go. Is it a get-rich-quick? No! You have to work and work hard. This is not a "sit on your butt and make money" job. If you do not succeed do not blame the structure nor the company. I have seen FHTM work. Has it worked for us? Not yet, we are too new, but I see the difference between what my sponsor does and what we have done and he has earned every penny of the $15, 000 a month he is making. We can too! We just need to get on the ball and learn from him.

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  • Na
    NATE DA GREAT Sep 29, 2009


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  • Mc
    MCSquared Oct 06, 2009

    A few months ago (when I joined), I was told by a friend (and the FHTM presentation) that I could "get paid for what I already use", how it was cheaper, and it obviously interested me. They also explained how one can make huge mounts of money bringing others in. That part sounded shady, but I was told "think Costco!", so I joined. Here's what I found - even though my Regional and Executive never could explain any of this, I (then as a Manager) found it all out by myself, and obviously am no longer involved with FHTM, nor will ever be. Here's the premise:

    You can make *lots* of money - if you are *very* aggressive and work it *really* hard. For points, you buy products from FHTM (and you pay more in almost all cases, not less!). This makes your up-line money, and gives you a percentage back (usually something like: you pay $5 to $15 more [than the competition, or going directly to said company], and get back $1.50 to $2.50). The way to make the real money is to sign lots of people up, and have them sign lots of people up. Signing up costs $399 (Canada), and also $25 per month for their web page (I know - it should be FREE), You (and anyone you sign-up) needs to have at least 3 points to get paid [now 5, I'm told], and to make money from those who sign up under them. If you loose your points (less than 3 ...or 5) within 60 days, your bonus money is retracted from your account. If they keep their points over 90 days, I understand you keep it. And of course, they want you to quickly sign people up - while your endorphins are peaked, and their endorphins are peaked. They entice you with "Do you think you can find three people who also want to get paid for what they're using? Do you know anyone who washes their hair?" and other enticing rhetorical questions.

    In Canada, FHTM sells Long Distance, VOIP (with a $92 start-up fee, but otherwise, it's $11 per month cheaper!), and Roadside Assistance (and yes, Vitamins and skin care). The hair products ($22) can be found here or here for $9. The vitamins are here and here for 50% the FHTM cost. The long distance is 20% more than Telus or Primus, but you get 20% back (you pay yourself your earnings, and you are TAXED on your "kickbacks"). Roadside is LOTS more than AMA, and you have to pay in US dollars (yikes, I know!).

    In the USA ($299), its trickier: they sell VOIP (same as above), Internet ($5 to $25 per month more expensive, and less speed), Dish Network (far more expensive going through FHTM, but you get back that $2.50), mobile phones (about the same cost as what you're paying), and others: Home Security, Magazines, Identity theft protection, and more. In all cases, you do not get paid for products and services you are already using - you have to switch your point of purchase to FHTM's products and services, and they are more expensive. Again, if you are an existing customer, you cannot receive points, residual, or any kickback at all. And you cannot disconnect, then reconnect - EVER. If your name or address is in the system, you cannot be part of the system. Also, for technical support, you phone FHTM (not the product's supplier or company), and they are not as knowledgeable.

    A pyramid? Not legally, but it indeed appears to be. Although over 80% of all signers quit, and 66% of all Executives quit, as well, one could ask the question: "Where does all the sign-up money go for those who quit?", and that answer is: It goes back to the Presidential Pool [the top dogs]. If there was no percentage paid on residuals [FHTM pays a "whopping" .5%]), then it would indeed be a pyramid. Legally, then, it is not a pyramid. But the sustaining money does indeed come from those under a person. The very definition of a "pyramid" structure.

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  • My
    m.y.00304 Oct 13, 2009

    Wow thanks for that indepth information MCSquared - your explanation makes a lot more since the the BS I heard at the FHTM meeting. Is it just me or do all the FHTM reps seem like sleezy used car salesman that are trying to brain wash you into joining.

    First of all I was tricked into even going to the meeting, which is probably my fault to begin with. I am a health professional with a doctorate degree looking for more clinical work and to network with other health professionals in the area. That's how one of my patients got me to go to the meeting. I guess his sponsor was an MD or something. So he asked me if I wanted to meet and network with other doctors and health professionals in the area. So when I probed for further, he said everything will be discussed at the meeting. Then I got a phone call from this supposed Dr on where the meeting was, etc. Got there to find out the meeting was nothing more than this Pyramid crap. Being polite, i stayed to listen to the presentation but it just didnt make since how each person in that room would be able to make the "thousands" of dollars a month they were promising. THe whole thing sounded sleezy and just not for me. Not that I'm knocking down anyone who REALLY has made money off of it. Then when i wanted to leave they badgered me so much for my information and to sign up, it was uncomfortable. They would say "your making money for bills that you would have to pay anyway!" But thats not how you make money through FHTM - you have to go out of your way to find other people willing to pay 299 - which in this economy is not easy. I tried declining politely but they just wouldnt take no for an answer - so i finally said I had no interest, didnt want to give any of my information away and walked out.

    I'm already making over six figures doing an honest job - that yes i did go to school for over a decade for, but at least no one can argue that my career and anything less than legit. And i find it utterly ridiculous at some of the people of this forum that look down on people working an honest 9-5 job. Anyways, i just wanted to research this who FHTM thing, just because I found the reps to be so outrageous. I literally feel scammed for the one hour i spent at the meeting! haha

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  • De
    debrafortune1 Oct 21, 2009

    I joined this company a little over a month ago. I have been trying to cancel since a week after I got in and sent email after email and couldn't get anyone to respond I also tried by phone to get ahold of person that sold it to me to no avail. I got an email 3 weeks later saying that I would have to call corporate office to cancel. I called corporate office and told them that I have been trying to cancel since a week after I got in and could'nt get any response. He said I can cancel it for you but you can't get your money back you only have 10 days to cancel. I told him that I didn't not see any time limit about canceling on the paperwork that I signed and he said again that I only had 10 days to cancel and get my money back. He told me he could cancel it for me but I couldn't get my money back. I told him to cancel it and I had a lawyer and he cut me off and said that if I had a lawyer he couldn't talk to me anymore and HUNG UP THE PHONE ON ME!!! I got ahold of my lawyer and he has sent them a letter but in the meantime I wrote 3 cancelation emails to the company and the one verbal on the phone and it was way before the dues were due this month and guess what they took money out of my bank account this month too after all the cancelation emails and phone calls. this is a scam they took my money and told me nothing about the company. When I tried to add my bills through the website I couldn't do it and I called corporate office before all the cancelation emails and asked why I couldn' t add my bills on and I was informed by corporate office if you already had the bill you would have to cancel the bill for 6 months before you could add it to your website to make money. I was told by their REPRESENTATIVE that I could add my bills if I already had them I was asking about my phone as it is vontage and I asked him if they had vontage and he said oh yea we have that and that was another lie

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  • Ok
    OklahomaGirl Nov 16, 2009

    I just bought the program about a week ago. Today is the 9th day I've been in the program and I realized the program is not for me. I can not dedicate the kind of time it takes to become a true network marketer. I have a 21 month old and I am single. I'm also a full time college student. Finding the time for meettings, having to get babysitters and cramming time to harass family members and other people through emails and things is just not my cup of tea. Anyone who is trying to join FHTM should be considering what the company has done and try to duplicate the program because more money could be made that way, but personally I just don't believe in MLM as a legite way of doing business. However, being an affiliate marketer could be another way to make good money while in your pj's. I will let you all know how my refund process turns out.

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  • Yv
    yvonne day Nov 19, 2009

    After posting on here earlier, I have had so much new info brought to light that I need to share with you.
    I have turned FHTM over to the BBB in Kentucky. FHTM replied that they had investigated my case and that they were done. I replied back asking how that could posssibly be done when not one of the people who was listed as a witness was ever contacted. They are NOT members of the BBB so nothing can be done to them vis the BBB. They are also NOT members with the DSA as they have posted on there web site! I contacted them and they said they had applied. I beg everyone on here to contact them and lodge a compliant to keep them from being able to join!
    FHTM has declined my request to meet with Paul Obrbison when he was in my area and that all of the witnesses could show him the proof. This just shows how focused they are on screwing people. If this were my company I would want to know the truth and see what is truly happening in the field!
    I still have not recieved any of the $40, 000 that is owed to me in pay and training pay.
    I have contacted an attorney who said it will cost me so much to fight them that I would not really get anything out of it. I am going to continue to post everywhere I can to keep people from getting hurt like I did.
    Now I have learned so much more about how this company opperates and want to share it with you. They encourage many people to sign up for Travelosity at $49.95 a month. Guess what folks Travelosity will give you and site on your website for free! So think about this, At even half of the people who sign up to FHTM get the travel site ( which we can just average ) at 100, 000 people is $4, 995, 000 a month to them! Pay out is less that 1% so they are making a killing! Then I see that they are going to have a video phone now to compete with ACN. It cost twice as much and is less that what ACN offers as far as size and support and the monthly fees is over $120.00 higher a year!
    How can a company sell products for a higher price that what the public can get at the store and get away with it?
    They are right when they say they dont make anything that they sell and are just the brokers, well anyone can do that even Bernie Madoff!
    Please, please dont let your friends join FHTM! Email me with any questions as to who my sponsors and upline was that stole from me and I will share that with you. Also, if you know of others ways I can get this info out to the public let me know, please!
    [email protected]

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  • Fh
    FHTM fraud alert Dec 09, 2009

    I also had issues and contacted the Kentucky Attorney Generals office where I went to the business scam area and it clearly states that you have 30 days to write them for a refund and that they have to get it to you in 10 days. Please contact them and turn your info over to them so that they can look into this scam closer.

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  • Fh
    FHTM fraud alert Dec 09, 2009

    I have found out more info that everyone who is even thinking about joining this company needs to know.
    There big thing is you can market for companies through them that you would not be able to afford to otherwise and make money. Well lets see Travelosity cost you $49.95 a month with FHTM, Travelosity will give it to you for FREE!!! FREE! They are truly making a fortune off of this one!
    Next is Allstate Roadside assistance, cost you $191 a year with FHTM, they sell it for $52 a year!
    This go on and on. I do believe that there are good companies out there, but this is not one of them. Please report all to the attorney Generals office in Kentucky and in your area. The BBB cant do much since FHTM is not a member and will not be welcome as one I was told!
    You may also contact the group and report them.

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  • Wv
    wvapenny Dec 09, 2009

    I can't seem to get any answers about FHTM it really sounds good! I went to a meeting Tuesday December 8th 2009. In Winston-Walem, NC in the Courtyard Marriot Hotel The people seemed honest but dense I couldn't get my questions answered. But I don't want scamed. and I don't want to miss out on the great fortune.
    Please write in and explain more for or against the FHTM company.

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  • Da
    Danny1 Dec 17, 2009

    Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing is a legitimate business opportunity. Please do not judge it on the basis of those who are unscrupulous. This is not what the owner Paul Orberson had in mind when he created this company however as in anything you have to allot for the select few who will not do right. I have studied it intensively (as I intend to train people on it) and have figured out the best ways to utilize the business. First and foremost, sell the products. Recruiting people is only going to incur 1 time bonus money while selling the products incurs residual income. If you start out as a manager and make your primary focus selling the product while introducing the business to others casually, you will find that you can really be successful on that alone. I took the products and sold them using creative methods (that incurred people in mass) and have been able to really amass a great deal of customers even before getting one person to sign up for the business. I introduce it to others casually, especially if I know they have a lot of sales contacts they could consider for the products. Two people I introduced the business to a long time ago (who said no) came back and said they wanted to be a part of it and have already surpassed me in title.

    In pyramid schemes you cannot get higher than the person who got you in and yet I am a manager with two people in regional already well on their way to executive (I haven't gotten a third yet to reach regional). I'm in no particular hurry because a lot of my money is coming from selling the products. When the bonuses end the residuals continue. I prefer to train people on the best ways to grow their businesses and stress showing people the need and the usefulness of the product versus just getting people in. If people see that you are successful they will want to be a part of it anyway. I don't actively recruit. The key is to sell smart.

    We have disassocated with some reps in my area because of their approach of getting any and everyone to sign up. It made me uncomfortable to sit in their presentations and see them focus on getting people rather than the products. If that was my initial impression I never would have signed up. My best help came from someone who is not even a part of my upline or downline.

    It isn't the business that's illegitimate. It is certain individuals in the business utilizing methods that are not endorsed by Fortune. Fortune is legit and a great opportunity for those who intend to utilize it in the correct manner.

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  • Th
    thinandgrwow Dec 19, 2009

    If the FHTM business was based on product sales then the commission structure would be adjusted to pay a higher residual income. How much is one quarter of 1%. Now figure that out on a $25 bill. Total earnings are just a few pennies. So thousands of customers still only earn you less than $100. When the Residual Income is compared to the bonuses paid it is obvious that they could care less about the product commissions and they only care about recruiting. Excel was the same way. The owner came from Excel. They have a very similar plan (except you don’t give up 3 like excel you give up your first 12 you sponsor to someone else). The owners built up the Membership in Excel with distributors hard work and then sold it for billions. Same scenario... your hard work will be sold off in the future. Looks around people… millionaires have figured out that Memberships are key to becoming a billionaire. Every social media site is built on Membership (even AOL… remember that old company that was sold) and then sold to the highest bidder. The value of a Member is great in the world of data base management. Can you make a LOT of money with FHTM? Yes, Based on Residual Based on recruiting others . YES. If they cared about long term income they would have a commission structure that paid higher residual income but that is not the case. Is it a scam? Technically No, but don’t think it is a high tech company either. It is was it is… a giant recruiting machine. They are selling the sign up and qualify with points and they are doing a good job. Don’t complain about sponsors not helping you. UI will say in recruiting companies like this one you better have a good sponsor that will come to your town or you travel a lot with guest Because they are going to do all the closing. And that career they left of traveling to be home with the kids with a home based business… not even true. Look at these guys schedules they are gone all the time flying here, driving everywhere and sitting down with anyone that will listen (they are doing a great job). Lastly, so am I for it…sure I am not a dream stealer but it is what it is. So Distributors of this company stop saying your high tech because you don’t own any of the services you sell, your product is something that everyone already has, the residual income is not enough to make the switch, but the bonuses are awesome. So go close another and make your bonuses and stop saying it’s not a scam... it’s not …it’s just Excel all over again and it is a real company that is going to be worth a lot of money to a NYSE company in the future and yes the owner will become a billionaire. Enjoy the ride!

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  • Br
    Brandon Buss Dec 19, 2009

    Thank you all for the chuckle. Those of you claiming that FHTM is a scam probably lack the discipline to actually follow through with any actual work. This isn't free money folks. I replaced my 40 hour a week income in less than 2 months (and I couldn't sell ice water in the desert).

    As for the claims of price differences. Bogus. A Dish Network rep asked and I quote, "what on earth do you do that qualifies you for such a low price?" He then went on to ask how to join FHTM so he could get the prices that we as reps and customers can get. People get hung up on the deposit, which is credited back to your account on month one - two.

    As for the Allstate Roadside Assistance, it is much much more than just $52 a year. That is just a nice little way to get you in the door. If you want the ACTUAL COVERAGE it starts at exactly what FHTM sells it for. $170+ a year.

    Please do your homework and keep an open mind if you are considering FHTM. Someone gave me great advice. Never listen to broke people when it comes to making money.

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  • By
    Byron Thomas Dec 20, 2009


    What is your response to Morals1's last couple post? I am interested in getting involved with FHTM. However I have a friend who is a gifted sells person and though he means well sometimes he falls back on his ability to influence others instead of answering or at least trying to answer important questions. I am also aware that people do things for different reasons. There are corrupt and misguided people in lagitimate businesses. In an effort to get an accurate understanding of FHTM, what is your response to whats happening in North Dakota?

    Morals1: Have you had any personal experience with FHTM? How do you explain Brandon's experience with?

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  • St
    stigmatine Jan 04, 2010

    All I am going to say about FHTM, is that I've seen the money via checking account. I have already signed up 11 people in my second week of being in this buisness. They paid me the first week it was due to me. I have literally watched the money go in, and have gone to the bank and physically walked out with cash in my hand. I'm not sure what all the fuss is about.

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  • Th
    thunder55 Jan 06, 2010

    i was thinKing about doing it but if u do not have any marKeting sKills how is it going to maKe u good in this fhtm

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  • Th
    thunder55 Jan 06, 2010

    can someone answer that question for me

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  • Th
    thunder55 Jan 06, 2010

    i mean what is real and what is not also i have seen something called light year wireless they say they beat fhtm in every way

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  • Ei
    Eikym Jan 06, 2010

    I think North Dakota just wants money as well. They shut down FHTM because it failed to get A TRANSIENT MERCHANTS LICENSE which cost $200 per person. North Dakota just wants part of the moneies like always. Look at the link below. Thats the only reason why it was shut down there, not because it was a scam. FHTM has products and services.

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  • Us
    UseYourBrainPlease Jan 07, 2010

    All I know is they really do a good job BRAINWASHING people.

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  • Me
    me again Jan 08, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    yet another pyramid telescam company- luckily these are being weeded out here in australia

    (its not a pyramid- its a trapazoid...)


    NO `networking' company is legit- never have been, never will be

    (well they are in the usa apparently- nuff said...)

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  • Ma
    Macronder Jan 14, 2010

    I just joined Fortune on December 5, 2009. I have one person under me and they have already surpassed me. This is a legitimate business and North Dakota can now start doing Fortune business again. The attorney general's office has not posted this on their site yet, but this letter was sent to all reps-

    Dear FHTM Reps,

    We are pleased to be able to tell you that we have resolved our issues with the Attorney General of North Dakota. We had very positive discussions with his office, and were very impressed with their willingness to listen to us and to work with us.

    As part of our agreement with them, we must remind you that it is a misrepresentation pursuant to North Dakota law (and the laws of all 50 states and territories) to tell any person that income can be earned solely by recruiting new independent representatives. All earnings are dependent on the sales of products and services, as required by law.

    Further, our agreement does not constitute an endorsement or an approval of FHTM, our business model, our products or our services.

    You may now resume your business in North Dakota. Please be mindful of the above, and know that we have full confidence in you and your ability to bring honor to the FHTM name.

    Paul Orberson and Tom Mills

    I am in Colorado and this is just starting out here. I know and understand these types of businesses, heck I was even office manager of one. "Pyramid Schemes" are just that, they have no product to sell they just want people to give money with the hope they may one day receive compensation.

    Like any brick and mortar business you have to work at it hard. You can not just sit back and think cash is going to magically fly into your mailbox.

    Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing has a rating of B- with the Federal Better Business Bureau, the BBB has received 38 customer complaints with Fortune in 36 months. I think that is pretty good for a network marketing company.
    If you don't truly understand a business that is based on MLM or network marketing you should not join as the experience will probably disappoint you. It is very hard work and you must be able to 'get it'.

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  • Ba
    bassman Jan 16, 2010

    Could it be that with so many different kinds of people running independent businesses that their are some bad rep's among the ranks? How can the company babysit everyone who wants to become a buisness owner? After all, they do market this thing as "your own thing".

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  • Ma
    Macronder Jan 17, 2010

    There must be some bad reps out there. My group never induces a new rep to sign up for the expensive programs unless it is a major benefit to them. When one joins you need 3 customer points(or monthly bills). Your FHTM website is one, that is a given. Then you choose two others, I chose Tel-Tag for the audio training from the big guys and roadside assistance. I read here that some people did not get paid, I bet they were never told about the points. Once your own organization has 12 people you must then have 10 points and personally recruit one more. Now, those 10 points do not have to be through you personally. Friends, family, coworkers or anyone who wants satellited tv, a cell phone, roadside assistance, etc. can simply buy it through you. You are the kiosk now and the monthly bill they are paying counts as points for you, plus a residual income.

    We do get bonuses for signing people into the business, but that is paid through corporate America. Names we know and have trusted for years. Why, are they doing this? Because we are providing them with loyal customers who have decided on their product through word of mouth instead of conventional advertising(which costs them billions of dollars).

    The cell phones are not off the wall companies it is almost all of them you see advertised everyday. The satellited tv is one of the main contenders for your business that is in front of your face all the time. We have organic pet care, health and wellness supplements, organic beauty care, home security, air and water filters,
    travel program, cyberfitness, and many more. All of them are brand names you have known.

    The rewards mall is terrific for everyone! I have told my friends about it so they can shop and earn their own spendable points with absolutely no sign up fees to them. The mall has over 1000 stores that we all shop at anyway, we do believe me!

    I hope this is allowed on this site, I am not trying to gain new recruits(although I would certainly appriciate it).
    Here is a video of a simple overview of the company, it is not associated with me or any other rep. Just free info-

    If you would like to see the programs and the rewards mall I would have to send you to another site and give you my ID number, and I am not sure if that is allowed here.

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  • Al
    altagirl73 Jan 18, 2010

    You know, we joined it a few months back and we have had nothing but good come out of it. My upline is amazing and are here for me at any time I need it and they do live 4 hours away from me.
    I think that alot of bad comments do come from the people that did not put out and did expect to bring in tons of $$$ sitting on their behinds. Some of this may be true, but as a normal everyday girl going regional this week, , I have not lost or been hurt by FHTM and will continue on.
    As for the Pyramind thing, , every job is part of a Pyrimid. Your bosses most definatley make more money that you do.
    My advice, , try it, if nothing else you have a tax write off..

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  • Al
    altagirl73 Jan 18, 2010

    MORALS1, , , You know you are pretty much the only one here saying anything negative. Could it be possibly, you are doing something else and cannot compete with FHTM? Or did you become a rep and didnt get anywhere? If you have not been a rep, I understand that things probably were not explained to you well enough that you understand. If you would like I would love to introduce you to my amazing upline and we can clarify a few things to you and I am sure with your persistance you would do well.

    FHTM, , I am not high up, nor am I making a ton of money, however I am a manger still and I have been paid. The prices are the same or less on roadside and whatnot. It is up to everyone on whether this is for you. Study and learn and decide. I am a small town broke mother of 4, , and I am making a difference in our well being.

    Good luck everyone in the choices you make :) Tina in Alberta Canada

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  • Ma
    Macronder Jan 18, 2010

    Right on altagirl73! So many people do not understand that multi-level marketing companies, direct marketing companies, or network marketing companies are legitimate and legal or the would not be
    operating. North Dakota did put out a cease and desist order, but it is now revoked. The attorney general
    of that state just needed to make sure his constituents were not being scammed, that is good that he cares.
    Melaleuca is a very good MLM with fantastic products. I have been with them twice, not to make money,
    just because I loved their products.

    Fortune is by far the most amazing company I have ever seen because of the big companies involved.
    They could not stand to ruin their reputations if they were backing a pyramid scheme. I just wish this
    had happened sooner, the large corporations now realize people talking to each other gains more real
    customers than expensive advertising. Anyone remeber the old Breck shampoo commercial-and she
    told two people, and she told two people, and she told two people...

    I found a quote in the Warrior Forum "MLM is for everybody, not everybody is for MLM."

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  • Su
    surfenhaus Jan 21, 2010

    Im making money with fortune and have been onboard for 6 months, You only get out of this business what you are willing to put into it. Quit crying and get to work, you can and will make money with fortune if you just change your mindset from 40hrs a week for 40 yrs for a $40 dollar watch mentality.

    -1 Votes
  • He
    help** Jan 21, 2010

    I was just contacted today about FHTM. I dont want to quite my full time job, but would like a little extra each month. I just dont want to throw away $300. The guy who woould be my rep is very commited to the company. He and his wife have quite there full time jobs and do this only. What hidden expense are there?

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  • Fh
    fhtmrocksmypantsoff Jan 21, 2010

    Its cause you all are idiots.

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  • Fh
    Fhtm 4 life Jan 25, 2010

    If you had read all of the paperwork, you would clearly see that it states you have 10 days to get a full refund. Most peolple sign up for things and take too much time to look over the meterials. Unfortunately if you were that lazy to go over the 10 days then you are probably just a lazy person anyway and this will not work for you. This is not a lottery ticket, it is real work with very rewarding results. I have been in this for 7 weeks and my last check was $4, 300.00. It works only if you do.

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