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Festiva Resorts VIP Travelscam

BAD EXPERIENCE...granted, I knew I would not purchase a time-share, but was curious and was told by friends who has sat through other presentations that it was high pressure sales but worth getting the gift. Only problem is that they require a $100/deposit for Ritz stay, and $75/deposit for car rental. I'll send in the money just to get into a lawsuit for misrepresentation. Any lawyers out there that want to pursue this in Louisiana? Call me at [protected]


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    Don Clayton Jan 13, 2010

    My name is Don Clayton and I am the CEO of Festiva. I am not sure that I understand the nature of your complaint. It is true that we offer hotel stays in New Orleans in exchange for visiting our resort there and listening to a sales presentation. It is true that we require a deposit for the hotel stay. What is the misrepresentation? I am not sure why you would want to sue us for this.
    I can tell you that if you have any problem or complaint with my company I want to do everything within reason to assist you to resolve any issue.We sent over 94, 000 people on vacation last year to our resorts and over 90% registered satisfaction with their experience and over 85% were VERY satisfied. We are not perfect but we are trying to do the best we can and trying to do better every day. I can be reached at [protected]

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    Bryan injaian Jan 15, 2011

    Well Mr Clayton here's my experience with your last presentation. My wife and I had a great stay in new Orleans and the 90 minute presentation was not as agonizing as I thought. My wife and I are on a limited budget and do not have the extra budget to prepay for future vacations. Our vacations are spent on our 30 foot sailboat and driving to visit Friends family around the country. This is what we enjoy doing on our fifth year of marriage. During the presentation the speaker was friendly and said even of we don't decide to join we will thank you for your time and hopefully refer someone who might benefit from this club. Well it didn't end so friendly at all. Our representative Brittany was all smiles and extremely friendly. When we told her thank you but not interested she invited Dave over to close the deal. When we told Dave we spent our vacations together at home or with friends and family he said "that's all you do?" I said yes. He said "well that's boring." "you must be on visitation not vacation." his tone was rude and disrespectful. He was not the friendly helpful salesperson you want representing your company. Good luck.

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    Festiva Rep Jan 15, 2011

    Mr. Injaian;
    Thank you for your feedback. I'm sorry you had a negative experience at the end of your presentation. I will be sure that the person in charge of the sales staff in our New Orleans office is made aware of your situation. Please feel free to contact me directly at [protected] if you have any other issues.

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    Unhappy with my Festiva experience Mar 18, 2011
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    Verified customer

    I am currently a PepperTree/Equivest owner and I have a major complaint. My husband and myself have been experiencing some financial hardships and the last bill we worrried about was our maintenance fees/special assessment. Althought we were worried about not paying this bill because we are not freeloaders and pay our bills. Anyways we decided that we could not longer afford to keet this luxury and decided to give it back to Festiva this is payed for we owed nothing but maintenance fees/special assessment which I think is another way to rip us off. So I called the main phone number and request to quick claim this over to them. I am sent to finance where I had the displeasure of speaking to Ryan Brown who I think is the rudes man that I have ever spoken to at Festiva. To make a long story short he tells me I need to pay the fees PLUS $100 to transfer the property to them. Now we do get use of the points for this year Yea good luck finding somewhere to stay. We agreed upon a price to settle this amount, now granted for people who have been and are unemployed this was a great deal of money. I tell him I will need a couple of days to get the money. I borrow the money and call back within 24 hours and he wants to charge me another $9.57 which I do not have. In this companies sales pitches they try to paint a pretty picutre of how they are all about family, but they are jsut about getting money. They do not care about the families they sell to they do not try to help them as a matter of fact we sat in on one of their sales pitches last year and I have never been treated so rudely and spoken to like that by anyone. All becasue we could not buy their package. I have never spoken to anyone at Festiva who was nice or cared about us as a family. This Ryan was the worse. I will be posting my nightmare experiences on every blog I can hoping to save someone else from this vacation nightmare and keep them from buying into FESTIVA. If you truly want a nice vacation experience Festiva is not the way to go. Very unhappy customer.

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    adsap Apr 13, 2011

    The product works, there are always people out there who love to complain about their vacations and how much rooms cost (inside or outside a timeshare) you're not alone.

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