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My experience was a horrible ongoing nightmare just days after purchase.
Getting a legal applicable registration, convert my tags from old car to purchased car after temporary ones expired and they sent me none usable ones to my email. Getting a legal applicable title was a nigthmare.
1. Dead refurbished battery. Replace cost: $230.00
2. Missing/broken dipstick. Cost?
3. Dark gunky oil. Needed oil change badly. Cost: $26.00
4. Dry rotted wiper blades replaced. Cost: $30.00
5. Filthy air filter. Cost?
6. Four rat eaten ignition coil packs, ignition coil connector, ignition coil rewiring done. Four spark plugs replaced. Mechanic/owner of auto shop wrote notes stating very rusty rat eaten wires, coils, and rusty engine. Mandatory repairs cost: $685.39
7. Dry rotted tires had to be replaced after one exploded. Cost: $427.96
8. Front brake pads, rear clean adjust, brake flush. Cost: $270.00
9. Spare tire was missing and never replaced as promised.
10. Front passenger side panel was missing and never replaced as promised.
11. Sales person alex told me I would have a three month warranty when I purchased car at full price never happened. I was given a as is no warranty.
12. A serious fuel tank deformation recall was not fixed that could cause car to stall and not restart. (I went to a car dealership myself and had it fixed 3 days after purchase). This serious defect wouldn't have cost ferco motors nothing to fix!

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