Fast Splash Car Wash / false advertisement

1 14851 Michigan Ave., United States

Earlier this year I signed up for their unlimited car wash for $30.00 a month. On June 11, 2019, I was informed my membership had been terminated for having my vehicle washed too many times. Banners that are posted says unlimited but I was told that I could have a wash once a day. I am a Lyft driver and drivers get graded on the cleanliness of their vehicles. When I called, I was told that the receipt given indicates it isn't for Lyft drivers. I never received a receipt and the receipts I have received after the sign up doesn't indicate it. Funds were taken out of my account on June 6, 2019 for payment for the month of June. I had to file a complaint with my bank for reimbursement because I was told they don't give refunds. I did get refunded.

Fast Splash Car Wash
Fast Splash Car Wash

Jul 02, 2019

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