FareDepotflight rejected/at airport

N Nov 23, 2017

On November the 20th of 2017 I had purchased 4 tickets from FareDepot to travel to Pakistan from JFK airport. My Flight was supposed to be at 2:00pm and I arrived to the airport few mins before 1:00pm and they had closed the gates and wouldn't allow me to check in and said that I had to confirm my flight with fareDepot to change it to a flight at a later time, but at the same time we did arrive early and we should have been allowed to check in and catch that flight at that time. We still called the agency and they would change the ticket they said we would have to pay them more money or we would be returned half of what we payed for the tickets. Which wasn't our fault and we are demanding them to give us a full return due to how much money they caused us to waste. When we bought their tickets they never told us that the the gates close an hour early before flight... That is also a reason to why we are not at fault. We have bought ticket before online and had good business with them and for some reason this time fareDepot has committed fraud and cheated us. For them to be allowed to say it is out fault they should have put a warning on tickets they sell...due to this incident it caused us to buy ticket from Qatar to get to our destination on time and not miss important events. We are surely never going to do business with fareDepot until they give us a full amount return and give us our compensation


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