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Fantasy Exotic Rentals review: Stop scamming!! Refund me!! 3

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This place doesn't have a store front, my experience was bad because I couldn't get a contract or a receipt and was forced to pay through Zelle! I was not refunded my deposit and and was forced into and extra day of keeping the car! I was supposed to drop the car off at 12pm on a Sunday he purposely turned his phone off and didn't reply to my calls or text until half time during the Super Bowl so they could keep my deposit and try to charge me extra! Find somewhere else reputable! Don't make the same mistake I did by not paying attention to these reviews! I believe one other customer said that they believe that most of the reviews were fake and I agree! I wish I went somewhere else! Save yourself! Terrible service!

They are scammers!

Henry gallador
, US
Apr 05, 2023 9:20 am EDT
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I rented the Lamborghini for my wedding ge away ride. Nice care I have not gotten my deposit back it has been a month. I have called and text multiple times and different days. I have call from different number ls I've called his 888 number on the website. I found his baby mama on Facebook message her and nothing. So I just did a more thorough review search and he doesn't give back deposits l. Mine was $1,000 and I don't think I'm getting it have. I wound not recommend renting here.

James Sei
phoenix, US
Dec 25, 2022 6:56 pm EST
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Brett Alan Farrell owes me over $10,000

I have a judgement against him in Arizona

Look it up (it's public knowledge and here's the link in case you think I'm just saying stuff to say it)

This dude is straight up scamming people with his Fantasy Exotic Rentals

He takes their deposit and doesn't return it and pretends like they did damage to the vehicle

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Mouhamet Diallo
, US
Dec 12, 2022 8:55 am EST

This place is a huge scam. I rented a Lamborghini for a video I was shooting and when I went to return it, I didn’t get the deposit back. He didn’t give me a reason either I will be pursuing legal action