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Em Oct 19, 2019 Review updated:

Nina, was not very knowledgeable about cutting hair she has messed my daughter hair up, she had to get a co worker to help and it still is not what she wanted, they cut her bangs to short and she is in depression as it is and now she came to me crying and is not happy. She wanted to get color and they told her it would take 6 to 7 hours to do color. She has to be at work at 1230. I have done hair for many years but I am unable to do it now due to an accident. And I have never done color that took 6 or 7 hours. It cost her 30 dollars for a haircut that she nor I am happy with. 10/19/2019 9am, I would like a refund and you may need to hire someone in management that knows how to do hair. Very dissatisfied. Will never go back again

  • Updated by emyann · Oct 19, 2019

    it wasn't just a bad hair cut the stylist was not listening when she told her what she wanted and she normally has long bangs but not now they are short and they are chopped up and as far as the color she had appt for the color at 9 am but when arrived they told her it would take 6 to 7 hours.

  • Updated by emyann · Oct 20, 2019

    I will never step foot into a fantastic sams again evendently you know know nothing about hair either the lady told my daughter it would take 6 to 7 hours to do the color we made an appt for 9 am to do color and cut! And it cost her 30 bucks for a messed up hair cut and I am being nice about that I did hair for 20 years so I k ow it don’t take 6 or 7 hours to color I am not stupid thank you for your time and best believe I will NOT recommend your place to no one !!!

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  • Ev
      Oct 19, 2019

    We've all been there (bad haircuts). All a person can do is wait for their hair to grow. As far as the hair color time, I've not heard of it taking that long to color someone's hair. Did you ask them to clarify? Perhaps they meant they didn't have an opening for 6-7 hours.

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  •   Oct 19, 2019

    Hair color doesn’t take that long. You misunderstood her obviously. The bangs will grow and you can buy extensions for the bangs.

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  •   Oct 20, 2019

    I was a hairdresser for several years. Hair color doesn’t take six to seven hours.

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