Fantastic Sams Clarksville Tennessee 37043I was manager and I never received and if my bonus that I should have gotten off do bringing the business from 8,000-10,000.

C Sep 27, 2019

They did not bring my offer letter till I already worked there as manager after asking for it several times. Then told me I could not receive my bonus because they never give me an offer letter yet 2 months after I started.
Then I stepped down as stylist cause I needed a pay check because my husband was haveing surgery. They the sign on bonus we was promised after working there 90 days we would get 250$ every 90 days. They told me I was only going to get 125$ of that and I reminded to put on my check and they said it had to wait till the next pay check so me being tired of getting ripped off. Me seeing my pay check where the over time I had worked was only 2 hrs on my check and it should of been 10 hrs. They did not pay me correctly they are stealing from the employee. I am not the only one there will be other complaints. Smuka is a thief. Now my last pay check had no bonus at all on it not a dime.

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