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Knowing that every time I call to file a complain I'm put in a voicemail I will leave a message, You might ignore it but is my way of getting my rage out of the extremely poor customer service handle by a "manager" at store #331 on Phoenix/Glendale Az.

I bought toddler's shoes size 7 in your store, went home and my son was trilled to see them but as I tried them on I notice he couldn't stand up or even walk because they were too tight. I went back for an exchange NOT a return and the clerk was very polite in telling me that YES I had the receipt but I need it the TAG, which I wasn't informed. I went home found tag but it was too late. I returned 2 days later I live far from the store #331. and I was waiting on line when a manager noticed I was doing an exchange. She RUDELY approach to me and took away very rudely (again) the shoes from my hand and in high tone informed "Oh no this shoes cant be returned they been worn" When attempting to explain my situation she just kept raising her voice and just said "Well besides you don't even have the receipt and tag" and when I proceed to get the receipt and tag from my bag she just grabbed my shoes again and say to the clerk to exchange them but RUDELY (Again, sorry I have to empathize RUDE because I was shocked of how rude she was being a manager) so, RUDELY she said to me '' I'll exchanged them for this time" I grabbed the shoes back and told her it was find she just didn't need to be rude but told the clerk to exchange them. As a customer I felt offended, denigrated, inferior, UNWORTHY and INSULTED the way she treated me. I would never go back to any of your stores due to the POOR training "Managers" have at your company. I know me leaving your company wont affect your company's profit but I don't deserve being treated like a unworthy person and knowing there are more companies that have better training for employees than yours.

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