Fallas Discount Storesmanagement

L Jul 25, 2019

Hi my name is Laurie Fernandez I have work for this company for about 11 months and I love my job l. I'm not perfect but I work very hard at my job. I love working her but I would like to complain about one of my bosses and the way she talks and treats me. She yelled at me in front of customers and she always complain about my work even tho I work hard. I would like for it to stop I am a mother of three kids and have no one to help me out so I do it myself. The father of my kids is not around and I have no one else to help. I have no one in this town and I do not think it's far she act like that I really would like for someone to put a stop to it. Thanks for you time Laurie Fernandez


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