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I've shopped at Fallas for a few years now and last night was a first rude encounter with an check out clerk, Lawanda #9023083.
My main goal there was I wanted to purchase a purse. I loved this purse, just right, medium size and priced at $16.99. Then I continued to shop and got 6 more items.
We I was ready to check out she proceeded to scan the 6 items, all clothing. When she got to the purse, she looked at it and ripped off the tag and I was thinking, "wait you need to remove the yellow pin that sets off the alarm" She said "Oh no this purse is not $16.99, it is missed marked, it should be $24.99. She went to the stand where the purses were and she could not find the exact purse, but proceed to grab big bags, which I was not interested in. She then got a smaller bag which was marked $16.99 and some were less, but she said no this is missed marked. I said well it's at $16.99, isn't what is marked it's sold for? She said no and walked away. I followed her intending to tell her to forget the 6 items. I was so mad. She did not apologize for the item being priced incorrectly. Her attitude said what she wanted to get across and that was, Your not getting this purse at this price. Guess what, I did not. I would like to get an explanation as to why this person who works for a store and deals with "customers" who are there to buy items, be allowed to do so.
I asked for the headquarters number and she said she'd be right back. She handed me the number on a yellow post-it, then said next. I was nothing.
I will not EVER return to that store again. She noted that I was upset and didn't care. I said "well I guess the customer is not right in this store even if you made an error". She didn't care what I said.
Maria Jensen
[protected] ... not that I'm expecting anyone to call me. But just in case.

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Jun 17, 2015 9:58 pm

You just posted your phone number on a PUBLIC complaint board... If you were that stupid at the store I bet it was you that was the problem...


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