Exxon Mobil Corporationbasic service like keeping the doors unlocked while open

D Nov 26, 2019

A few months ago, I went there at around 9:30 at night and the doors were locked while the lights were on. They were open, the doors were just locked. When I expressed frustation about this to the person I was on the phone with, a man claimed he was friends with the owner, called me trash, and proceeded to harass me while I waited by the door. The incident ended with this man hitting me (a 31 year old woman who was alone) straight across my face. I should have called the police, but I have PTSD from domestic violence so I fled. My girlfriend went there last night, not knowing it was the same place. The doors were locked and the woman inside was laughing at people as they tried to enter and could not. When my girlfriend finally got inside and asked if they were closing (a patron exited, leaving the door open), the lady behind the counter laughed at her and told her she just "liked [censored]ing with people." Well, the last time they "[censored]ed with people" I was assaulted. Please read the reviews on this place and shut it down. You absolutely do not want your name on their establishment. It is horrific there.

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