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I booked 1 room for 1 night with priceline August 1st 2019 at the Anchorage, Ak downtown AES. As soon as I arrived I find out the front desk staff was extremely rude, they ignore people were yelling and rolling their eyes, just extremely unprofessional. I was given room 304, when I got there it was extremely hot so I go to turn on the air conditioning unit only to find it not turning on. After about 30 min I call the front desk to which I get no answer so I go down to request it be looked at. I waited in the room the entire day calling down twice more to confirm for nobody to show. Then I go to take a shower and 20 seconds in the shower head shoot off hitting me in the face. (Not to hard, I'm ok) but it did hurt. I then take it down and request another room only to be told their fully booked so again I wait for maintenance who never showed. I made another reservation with Priceline for the next night (only because every hotel was full because of a convention in town) hoping if I don't extend I'll get another room. However They stick me in the same one even after confirming and again requesting a different room so again I request maintenance. I'm told they are unable to find him and after asking what they are going to do I was met with the response " I DONT KNOW, IM NOT MAINTENANCE" and rudely turning her back on me and walked off. I have stayed with extended stay many times and never have been treated so poorly. I would like to request a refund for services I paid for but was rudely denied.
My reservation confermation numbers for the two nights are
[protected] and [protected] I would be happy to provide more information need be, thank you
Cody Turner

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  • Kr
      Aug 18, 2019

    We wanted to share our most recent experience with your company, Extended Stay America and Expedia. We were coming into town for a friends’ wedding and were excited to be getting away for the weekend.

    However, upon check-in to the hotel things began to go downhill. We checked-in at 10:50 on Friday, July 19, 2019. The employee at the front desk was very nice, we paid the bill (we had opted to pay when we got there rather than through and she proceeded to give us our key to Room 103, and directed us to where our room was. Upon finding our room, we opened the door and never in a million years expected to see the room the way it was. The room was not ready, or anywhere near ready to be lived in for the next two nights. A picture of the room is at the bottom of this letter. The mattresses were not aligned, nor was the bed made up. There were bags of sheets in the room sitting in the middle of the floor. The arm chair was turned over on its back. This was not what we expected at all. We took a picture and walked back around to the front desk.

    Upon arriving back at the front desk the same employee asked if there was something she could help us with. We explained to her that the room was not acceptable. We showed her the picture of the room and another employee that was behind the wall indicated that there were no other rooms available. We explained to them that the reservation had been made 3 weeks prior on Expedia. They tried to call one other location for us, but that was also booked for the night. Neither employee tried to help us find another location somewhere else (at a nearby hotel). Since we had paid when we got there they refunded us our money and told us to call Expedia and maybe they could help us.

    We were able to call friends that lived in Elizabeth City, North Carolina and made the 1 hour drive to them. However, this was not the optimal location for us as the wedding was in Virginia Beach the next day. While driving to Elizabeth City we were on the phone with Expedia for them to help us as well. That phone call took 45 minutes and besides taking our information they were not able to help us at all with finding a room either.

    While we are not people who are ones to complain, we found this very unacceptable of Extended Stay America and We are hoping that you are able to provide some compensation for our troubles the weekend of July [protected].

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