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C Sep 04, 2019

Hi this is Miss Chandler my family and I have been placed here by an organization for families of domestic violence we have been here for the past 2 weeks and since the first day we got here the staff has been rude and obnoxious and discriminative and as of today September 3rd 2019 my daughter's minors what physically assaulted and verbally assaulted by another guest a grown man. Then the staff wanted to make smart remarks and references to us checking out tomorrow and are we the ones that called the police. Room was not clean when we first got here microwave was dirty. Also staff kept playing with setting our key the card to be able to open our door and going to stay she states that the battery must have went out I politely went downstairs with my daughter and asked her to hit that key and she said oh what room 221 yes she knows which one we're in and yes the key works now. The staff tonight what are discriminative words and actions I'm done I've never experienced this at any other property owned by extended stay until now.

front desk and guest
front desk and guest

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