Extended Stay Americadiscomfort. junkies be living in hotel for many years marijuana mix w crystal meth halls

N Jan 12, 2020

Attention to owner. Of extended stay America hotel hall smell alots and elvetor like marijuana mix crystal meth Cigarette smoke mix with crystal meth. Junkies amd prostitutes stands outside allday acting they are smoking cigarettes but not on4 watching new guest arriving. Amd cigarettes They vare smoking smell verry wrong like mix with crystal meth inside cigarettes heringe around gardening. They be smoking inside their cars. Crystal meth coming put nof there Windows amd. Alots of discomfort causeing water eye alots pain aches heads causing new guest go to hospital please clean up hotel. Watch. Your guest inside cats smoking drug s prostitutes and junkies drugs. New guest cant even wash there teeth because the hazards smell. Junkies white women and mem be stalking scavengers shoplifting new guest making guest get high pain please clean up

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    People cant [censored]. Adomal pain when arrived tp. Hotel extended stay America heads alots pain

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