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J Aug 16, 2018

Dear Expedia

I recently purchased a holiday package for the first time on Expedia because I had heard great things about it. I usually use last After booking a flight from Sydney to New York City with hotel accomodation, I discovered (AFTER making the payment) that the price indicated online was in US dollars rather than Australian dollars, increasing my expenditure by AUD 1335.72.

Then I read on my receipt from Expedia that the hotel will charge me an ADDITIONAL USD75 per night for 8 nights, which equates to an additional USD 600 = AUD 780.

So the total amount originally advertised on is in fact less than the amount I will need to pay by AUD 2115.72.

My bank statement also has an unexplained pending amount from Delta Air for AUD 2720.

Please explain why this amount is pending and what can be done about the hidden cost that the hotel will charge which Expedia failed to include in its advertised price. To reveal this pending cost AFTER payment is made for a "holiday package" is simply false advertising.

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