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Beware of ExamForce and any other name they use. They do not want to refund my money back after it took almost 7 months for them to send some training material I requested. They even screwed that up twice.

It took almost 2 months for the head of customer service to respond, and I think the only reason was I filed a complaint with the BBB. The company is located in Largo, Fla. They had a D+ rating on 6-15-10.

With what they want for training, go to school. If you can't, look at TrainSignal or CBT Nuggets for training. If you want testing material, use

Don't fall for their lifetime membership either, what a waste. It is not refundable either.

I believe they also go under CareerSaver, Adaptive Learning Systems, and I believe they are partnered with LearnKey. Stay away from these people if you value your hard earned money.

Can you believe almost 7 months to receive something you already paid for! It is still not resolved. I sent the President an e-mail and he has still not responded. To me, that is an indication they don't care to resolve this. Even though the BBB can't do anything, their rating should tell you something.


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Sep 28, 2018 1:44 pm
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Do not buy anything from exam force or itx learning. It will be like throwing your money out a moving car window. If you are taking a comptia test, buy comptia material from them. If you are taking a Cisco test, buy the material from Cisco.
C Locke

Do not waste your hard earned money PERIOD! They promise a lot and don't deliver anything. I payed them a lot of money for lifetime products, MS Cisco, CompTia along time ago and never received any shipments when I requested them. I also get badgered by them to pony up even more money for other products I don't want. They also don't send the emails that they promise to send about my web access. They use bate and switch tactics along with no customer support, save your money for the legit operations. I only posted this after being pestered again by phone at work and home, as of Nov, 2014.

Apr 20, 2013 10:04 am

Although I found the complaint beneficial as they've been calling me more frequently these days (most likely to market themselves), my feeling is the person making the complaint would have come across more professional if he/she had better communication skills. Perhaps this is why it's taken an extensive time period to resolve the issue at hand?

Jul 26, 2012 12:00 pm

I am an extremely dissatisfied customer. I purchased the lifetime membership a couple years ago. I've received several calls since "pushing" other products. The last one was for ExamCoach. When I spoke with the person over the phone and set up a payment plan for the deal, I specifically requested an email detailing what we'd agreed to in case something came up and I did not want or need the product. I never received this email, and because my last purchase was so long ago, I did not have the contact information either. Last month, I discoverd I would not need Exam Coach as the area I'm looking to test in is a specialty of my work team members. I would have called last month but did not have the contact information. I resoonded to the email with the invoice I received on July 20 (there was no message with the email, just an invoice, so there was no way for me to know it was an unmanned box). I received a second email July 23, 2012 when the money was deducted from my account with all the details for Exam Coach. I again emailed back saying I was not interested in the product. Now I am being charged a restocking fee because I could not get in touch with anyone ahead of time. I am a very dissatisfied customer and do not plan to use these products again in the future as the company provides bad customer service. I understand I am out my lifetime membership fee, and I will deal with that. I do plan to rate this company poorly and will recommend AGAINST buying it to friends, family, and coworkers (many of whom are IT and are working on certifications).

Aug 18, 2010 2:12 pm

ExamForce is incredibly customer-centric. Our Customer service team bends over backwards to resolve any issue and for the majority of problems (which ALL companies have) they do an outstanding job. While I am not aware of the specifics of Golda's issue, I would highly encourage her to call and speak with Debra Chase, our General Sales Manager. Debra takes each one of these issues personally. Her goal at all times is to make the customer happy and she has been doing so for decades.

I believe that in Joe's case we've resolved the issue. Regarding our BBB rating, it is important to realize that the BBB only reports what they can. They had information about us that was ancient, and that too has been resolved and our rating is on the rise.

If you read any complaint, just remember how easy it is to complain about something these days. We sell thousands of customers each year and no matter how hard you try, no company makes them all happy. Think about what you do and the relations you have with your customers and you'll know what I mean. Meanwhile, again, please contact Deb and she will be sure to resolve this for you.

Aug 10, 2010 10:35 am

Examforce and Adaptive Learning Systems ARE NOT affiliated with Careersaver.

Jul 20, 2010 3:46 pm

ExamForce is full crap.
I have ordered exam preparation materials from this company for DB administration I. First of all they did send me wrong CD. Even CD has had proper label – it was CISCO training which I did not need. After I have complained – they did send me e-mail with correct training ( I have paid for delivery of real CD) – so, it was first disappointment. Then, when I have installed the exam engine I was really surprised –very slow, crappy, no training materials, etc, etc, etc… I have paid $129.95 for exam + engine + $14.95 for freight.
Thanks got I did not pay for some kind of package (more than $1500) when they were trying to sell to me over the phone, saying that it’s perfect deal and normally it cost double.
After I have got troubles with engine (see above) I was trying to call ExamForce to get support (anytime support was part of the deal) – and I was told that all support team is on training. I started to send e-mails to support team and did not get any answer for 4 days. Finally, I have sent e-mail with cancellation requirement – no response. Then I have reached them by phone with the same requirement – to cancel buy and refund money – and got answer that the ONLY condition for cancellation is – not to pass real exam. Very smart! No one even get close to exam with this kind of materials for preparation. They are good entrepreneurs to establish such business.