[Resolved] Essoused paypass @ pump # 10 and was accessible @ first then said not available.

M Jul 15, 2019

I Have Downloaded an app from Esso.
It's called Paypass.
I used the promotion because it was giving
5× the Esso points untill end of September.
So I tried it @ the gas stations pump # 10 that was available according to the app in question.
I filled up my car then tried to pay but the pump # 10 suddenly was no longer to be used to pay with the app paypass.
Not to happy about this. I went inside and explained it to the casheer. He said not to cancell my Esso card or anything related to it but instaid to contact Esso. I did phone today but was on hold for @ least 5 minutes.
Got tired and hung up the phone.
Instead of receiving 5× the points which would have given me 230 from the promotion I received instead the regular points which is 46. Unhappy with this situation. I keep my receipt from the gas station in question for the future in case I need it. This is the reason that today I have decided to contact you to see if any of this situation can be resolved and to make sure that others know about this problem.
My email address is [protected] in case you need to get in contact with me.
My complaint is with ESSO as you can see.
Thanks for your time. Sincerelly Mario

used paypass @ pump # 10 and was accessible @ first then said not available.

  • Resolution Statement

    Esso Staff Explained why I couldn't use Paypass. Problem was that I had to ad a PC Optimum points # and or Esso Extra #. Did not know about or how to do it. Was explained properlly by customer service. I will keep on using the app now that I know what to do and how to use it. PROBLEM WAS RESOLVE. NO ISSUES.

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