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Equinaire Inc review: Beware

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This company is a scam, and also a copycat by duplicating other company’s concept and ideas! I receive calls from this company called “Equinaire” few weeks ago, and attend one of their seminar. It is all scam. They claim they are no multi-level marketing company, but want you to pay a huge membership fee in order to start “Building Your Wealth”. Then they will show you how to refinance your own home and take out the equity to use it on buying other real estate for investment. I did some research and found out that all the companies and services you are using is all owned by their CEO “Kwame Granderson”. Think about it, all the risk is upon you, not them. You pay the membership fee to join their program, then you provide your house for refinance using their “in house” mortgage which they will make fees on it, then you’re stirring into the direction of buying property they provide, and once again, using their “in house” mortgage. Finally, you are a landlord, then you need a good property management company to find tenant for you and management the property for you. There are fees to pay again. So everyone, be cautious and be aware, they are making all the commission and fees from you, and you’re taking all the risks including taking out the equity of your home which will increase your monthly mortgage payment, and getting another mortgage for the property you buy from them.

Another funny thing I found out about is that their “Weath building” concept is very very similar to another company called “Nouveau Riche” and “Real Market Expert”, and Equinaire Inc. actually register this concept as their trademark. You gotta to know that Nouveau Riche came out with this idea in year 2000, but Equinaire was founded in year 2003. So this is not their original ideas, Equinaire is stolen ideas from other company, too.

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Feb 21, 2017 3:53 pm EST

My husband and I lost 60K buying into to a flip it - scam with them.