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Energy Plus Holdings LLCScam


After receiving offers to reduce my electric bill if I switched from my local provider NYSEG, I took the bait. My bills became outrageously expensive, so I compared the KWH charge to my previous year's bill from NYSEG and found I was being charged 250% more per KWH! I called NYSEG to confirm their current pricing and, yep, they were still two fifths of what Energy Plus Holdings was charging. When I called to cancel my service with Energy Plus they said it would take two months to switch back to NYSEG, therefore forcing me to be overcharged several hundred dollars more! Don't make the same mistake I did. Do your research before switching. Energy Plus Holdings is bad news.


  • Sm
    smack68 Aug 23, 2009

    I agree. Energy Plus Holdings is costing me hundreds of dollars. I am switching back to NYSEG immediately. I'm a little concerned over what they are going to charge me for my last bill.

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  • Le
    Leslie Travers Sep 22, 2009

    I am an Energy Plus Supervisor and was very concerned to read about your experience. After looking into our customer database, I was unable to find any account that matches your information, and would like to be able to discuss with you further. I encourage you to call our customer service team at [protected] to handle this situation. With respect to your specific concerns:
    • We offer a market-rate product whereby we buy electricity every day at the best possible price and use that price to set our rate so we can be as competitively priced as possible. We cannot speak to why the utility companies sometimes have lower rates than ours. Rates also do vary across the state of New York so one customer's experience is not indicative of all regions. Right now, many of our customers in NY and CT are receiving rates lower than their local utility and our competitors.
    • The length of time it takes to return back to the utility is completely governed by the utility’s rules. We submit all cancelations immediately and the utility informs us as to when the cancellation will take place. In this instance we would encourage you to call NYSEG and ask them for an off-cycle meter reading so that your billing cycle will end and your service can be switched back more quickly.
    • We do not charge cancellation fees nor lock customers into a contract. Customers can try our service, and if they are dissatisfied, they can cancel at any time without penalty. Unlike our competitors, we offer many different programs which provide extra value to customers such as earning cash back or airline miles. We encourage customers to ask us about our offers to ensure they are receiving the benefit that best suits their needs.

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  • Ha
    Hau Tran Oct 08, 2009

    We got scam by Energy Plus also, my first bill is double compare to Central Hudson charged us. Be careful with them, do not listen to their promise. I am thinking about reporting to NY attorney general office and see if they can do anything.

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  • Li
    lincoln stoller Dec 10, 2009

    I was solicited by Energy Plus today and found the offer suspicious. First I was asked to look at my Central Hudson bill to see if I qualified and then, when I said I didn't have it, i was told that I automatically qualified. I was then offered to save on various minor line items, such as sales tax, but not told that this saving would entail changing subscribers. First the sales person wanted to "hook" me.

    I had previously been offered cheaper electricity by IDT, an offer I accepted and which resulted in huge overcharges such as are described above. IDT is a fortune 1000 company that also offers the PennyTalk calling card, which is another huge scam that cost me up to a couple of hundred dollars when I attempted to buy their calling card to avoid expensive "off system" cell phone charges during a trip to Canada. PennyTalk is advertised in the AAA magazine, which is where I first learned of it. I incorrectly thought AAA would somehow vet their advertisers at a minimal level, but that was wishful thinking.

    Having determined that IDT was essentially a criminal enterprise, and that the sale of bargain electricity was attracting companies of this kind, I was naturally suspicious of Energy Plus. I persisted in asking the Energy Plus sales rep questions about what my rate would be but the best they could say was that they'd been consistently low. I had to dig at them to get them to clarify that the rate was floating and that it was not guaranteed to be anything in particular in the future. At this point I told them the best I could do was research their offer and get back to them. Having found the above reports of overcharging my research is finished, and so is my interest in their offer.

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  • Pp
    PPY Dec 14, 2009

    I just received ad by mail about Energy Plus. After reading all these negative about this company. I am not switching over to it from CL&P.
    I don't believed that no government regulation to monitor this type of company scam.
    Well, thank god I read all these before I switch.


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  • Np
    npete Jan 16, 2010

    Paul, I could not agree more. We just recently got a letter telling us we get a bonus and cashback for switching to Energy Plus if we switch from CL&P. Obviously intrigued, I was trying to get some more information online and stumbled upon these comments.

    So thank you all for commenting. I would have gotten extremely angry if we ended up going through with the switch and had our bill jump. Their letter is going right in the trash.


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  • Sl
    slat Jan 20, 2010

    I signed up for Energy Plus in CT and my bill has actually gone down a little. The first month it was up a bit and I was alarmed. I waited to see my second bill and everything was in line as promised.
    I am not sure if I am getting the service I am due to the complaints about or my location. I just know I am paying a little less and I am collecting Sky Miles each month.
    I am very happy with the service.


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  • Po
    poorpapa Jan 28, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I can't even begin to tell you what a rip-off Energy plus has been. My poor father has been paying 14 cents an hour and this month his rate went to 17 cents. His bill is $1, 200 and that's US dollars! Con Ed's current rate is 8 cents and last month's was 6 cents and He has been paying 14 cents for several months...

    I told my father to call them and demand his money back for the rip-off. Plus he NEVER got his 3% rebate that they promised and it he has been with them over a year!

    Good luck NY residents and we should do something with the NY Attorney General Office!

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  • Jf
    jfav Feb 02, 2010

    I AM FURIOUS! The same thing happened to us with Energy Plus - in the last 7 months we have been charged $442 MORE than we would have paid had we been with National Grid as our supplier! It makes me so angry that they get away with the FALSE ADVERTISING. Needless to say, we've since switched back and will never make that mistake again!

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  • Fe
    F*** Energy Plus Feb 08, 2010

    I'm a Con Ed coustomer in NY and was told that I would have to wait for at least one billing cycle to complete for Energy Plus to be removed from my account after finally waking up and doing research. YOU NEED TO ASK CON EDISON TO CANEL YOUR CURRENT ACCOUNT AND RE-CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT FOR YOU IF YOU WANT TO DROP ENERGY PLUS IMMEDIATELY. They will not offer that option to you, you need to request it.

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  • Jo
    Joe Policastro Jr. Feb 14, 2010

    I just got the promotion in the mail and after reading these disappointing comment I am going to stay with C L & P.

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  • Pe
    pennypinchinginNY Feb 18, 2010

    I received an offer to get JetBLue points for switching, their literature did not provide too much detailm, so I was immediately suspicious. Thanks to these postings, I am going to toss in the garbage their offer. I do have a question on how do I know if I'm getting the best price from my current provider? Any insight into tis would be greatly appreciated!

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  • Rs
    RSmitty Feb 19, 2010

    I just received a bill from Energy Plus that was $0.15 per Kwh. Called Central Hudson to see what they are charging, and it is 0.0855. Do not be tempted to switch based on the promise of miles or hotel points. This will end up costing you big $!! They have no explanation for their outrageous rates, other than they buy electricity daily and costs have been rising.

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  • Ra
    Ray138 Feb 21, 2010

    I just noticed the difference today between Energy Plus and Con Edison as the electricity supplier. I am very stupid to believe them I can save money by switching from con ed. to energy plus. I took out all my bills (over 9 months), and compared the difference from my friend which lives next to me. The latest billing summary as of Jan 20, 2010; I used 265 kWh, the total delivery charges is $46.59 + $49.50 (electricity supply charges by Energy Plus) = $96.09

    However you know what I found out from my friend's bill? He got total charges $77.25; he used 283 kWh, total delivery charges is $47.43 + $26.49 (electricity supply charges by Con Edison) = $77.25; which he paid about $20 less than me even used more electricity than me. What a shame for Energy Plus!!!

    Thus I briefly calculate the overpaid for 9 months, and i have the total $359.78

    In conclusion, Energy Plus is a scam, go call your original supplier, and switch back to it, you can save several hundred bucks in a year.

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  • Hl
    Hlbstb1 Mar 03, 2010

    Thank you for all these posts. I'm in CT and we just received this offer in the mail. They have been harrassing us about changing, which made me suspicious. Even after telling them that we would call them if we wnated it, they called at least 3 times a day. Total harrassment! I will stay with my current provider for now.

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  • Be
    bettym Mar 10, 2010

    I tried speaking with a ConEd rep about my bill. She was totally rude and I was on hold for about 20 minutes. They basically instructed me to call Energy Plus and ask for my money back. When you go to a gas station, fill up your tank and then find another station with gas 10 cents cheaper, do you get a refund?
    When calling Energy Plus to discuss, I spoke with a very polite rep who answered my questions. Rates are variable, and there were many months my rate was lower than ConEd. I doubt ConEd would give me any credit for those months.
    Bottom line, there are no guarantees every company will save you every month. At least you have a choice. ConEd will gauge your eyeballs out with delivery charges, regardless of who your supply comes from. And they could care less.

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  • Ro
    RODRIGUEZ Fabien Mar 10, 2010 kindly advise you to pay by paypal because there are so many scam site and scam sellers out there on the internet. Watch review of watches on youtube.

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  • Pr
    prof.karen.nakamura Mar 19, 2010

    I'm glad I found this site! I also got a letter from Delta with the EnergyPlus offer. After checking around, it seems that EP is selling electricity for over 15 cents a kwh and when I checked on my provider's website, the cheapest was $0.09 or almost 40% less.

    Switching would have given me 10, 000 bonus miles, but almost $40 more a month in electricity bills. Not worth it!

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  • Dm
    dmc56 Mar 27, 2010

    Do not go with Energy Plus! I'm a New York City resident. Just cancelled my billing with Energy Plus. I went with Energy Plus on the asumption I would save money. NO CHANCE !! Their rates this month were 18.8 cents, Con ed was 7 cents. I've been with Energy Plus for 6 months now. Every bill higher and higher ! We're not even into the summer months. Do not go with Energy Plus!

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  • Nu
    Nu-Nu Apr 27, 2010

    Thank you all for your posts. I received an email from Best Buy Rewards with the following offering:

    When you partner with Energy Plus as your electric supplier, you’ll be working with the only company in New York that offers you Best Buy Reward Zone points for your everyday electricity use. You’ll earn points while still receiving the same reliable service from your local utility company.

    Enjoy these great benefits with Energy Plus

    * Earn 2, 500 Best Buy Reward Zone points as a special bonus after your second month as an Energy Plus customer*
    * Earn Best Buy Reward Zone points every month — 2 points for every $1 on the supply portion of your bill*
    * Receive monthly sales tax savings — up to 9.75% on the delivery portion of your bill**
    * Enjoy the same service without risk, fees, or long-term commitment

    After reading all these posts, I will definitely PASS on this offer and do not approve of Energy Plus' business methods.

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  • Sm
    SMPNYC Jul 12, 2010

    Energy Plus offer is a scam. I am looking at a 200% increase in cost of electricity. The catch for me was Delta Sky Miles. American Express helped me to get ripped off withi this Energy Plus scam. If you have any common sense do not take the bait they offer.

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  • St
    Stewed715 Jul 15, 2010

    I enrolled in April and I am leaning towards agreeing with you all. My offer came through through JetBlue's True Blue reward points ... and based on my findings - not sure if it's worth it in the long run...

    My June bill says I am paying 19.8750 cents/kwh -
    I looked up other ESCO providers on -
    and my old supplier (CON ED) is 9.05 cent/kwh ...

    I understand this # fluctuates but my bills have been higher since Energy Plus came into the picture ... I am so afraid of my July bill ...

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  • Su
    Supercomputers Aug 02, 2010

    They are a 100% complete Scam Stay away.

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  • Ch
    chenyin zhong Aug 05, 2010

    I totally agree that energy plus is a scam. They charge me 18.895 cents/kwh in July, compared with 10.625 cents from a local energy company. I already switched back.

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  • Su
    Supercomputers90 Aug 16, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    To make a long story short they ripped me off for a year before I put the whole thing together and realized what was going on. I was able to get my money back from them already if you can beleive it they sent me a check for what they stole over "1200.00+" from me within a few days. However I still want to go after them. Them sending my money back is proof they are steeling from thousands of people out there and dont want a loud mouth like me to stir the pot. Looking at the best way to go about this if you want to be part of it. Send me your Name, Address and number and how many months you were with them and the aprox amount of the fraud. I am going to do my best to pull this all together and at the least get peoples money back for them or show them how. Have spoken to a few lawyers and we are going to go after them.

    Dave Prince
    [email protected]

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  • Su
    Supercomputers90 Aug 16, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Watch out They dont deliver on the points or miles and your rates will go up 200% before you know what happen and they will try to give you a hard time about canceling.

    E-mail me to Join the Lawsuit.

    [email protected]

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  • Jo
    Jonny Love Sep 01, 2010

    Energy plus company is a HUGE SCAM! It's the same concept the credit card industry uses to attract customers - "we'll give you best buy reward card points, airline miles and thank you points for being a customer." The SCAM is that they charge you 3x-5x the price per kilowatt compared to your local energy company so they not only rake in that recurring revenue, but they make money on kickbacks and referrals from their sponsored vendors.

    The managing team is head by Richard Vague and he is slimy in the way he allows his team to do business. It's all about greed with this guy, he's from Texas and comes from the finiancial industry where he founded Juniper Financial & First USA that followed the same [censor] credit card rewards plans only to screw their customers over with the ridiculous high interest points the customers were paying!! Their management team is told to build their business with unsuspecting customers that think they are getting a deal by getting rewards and then covering up all the complaints and dissatisfied customers like it was a one time incident.

    I personally know 6 people that used them in 2 different states and they ALL have had higher bills than before the switch! They all complained about the poor customer service and how fake they are over the phone. They play dumb and say the issues will be escalated to a supervisor when in turn they are just going in circles with all of them customers just to keep them locked in.


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  • Mr
    mrb13732 Oct 18, 2010

    I too was scammed into switching and my electric bill promptly doubled!!!
    I am in the process of switching back to NYSEG and have already filed a formal complaint with the NY state utilities commission. Hopefully they can shut these criminals down!!

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  • Di
    discobiy Nov 11, 2010


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  • Im
    imageguy01 Nov 14, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    After being informed by NYSEG that we had to do something soon, we received something in the mail from Energy Plus that sounded good...claiming lower rates than NYSEG and a 25% contribution to a college aid fund after the second month on board.'s been three months since we switched to Energy Plus. The first month, our electric bill increased $134.46. The second month increase was $124.35. And the third month increase was $85.34! Where's the savings? And what about that college savings fund? Surprise! Another ripoff from a U.S. company. What the hell is going on in these United States????

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  • Ar
    Argenton29 Dec 22, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Customers complaining about Energy Plus are perfectly right and they are not alone. New York Public Service Commission publishes a monthly report on complaints toward utilities and ESCOs:, this is the November 2010 edition, Energy Plus is among the worst 5 ESCOs listed in term of complaints filed.

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  • Le
    leo li Jan 05, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I got ripped off by Energy Plus too. My rate was increased from 0.08 to 0.19 per KWH. I was charged $100 more on my last bill. I switched back to the old supplier immediately.
    I do not understand why American Airlines and United Airlines allow this Energy Plus scam flyer to send to their customers.
    Thanks to this post.

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  • Sk
    skt175 Jan 26, 2011

    After being solicited by Energy Plus and almost taking them up on what appeared to be a good offer I feel compelled to add to these complaints. I contacted them by phone and email requested 2010 rate information. I understand that they have a daily variable rate but part of my research included what their average true rate was last year. They would not give me this information. This is a red flag and this company should be treated with serious scrutiny. I fall short of calling them a scam but I am convinced that they are being deceitful towards potential customers for a reason.

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  • Rc
    RCC354 Jan 28, 2011

    I too switched to them...from Con Ed NY...Con Ed's rate for Dec-Jan was 9 cents per kWh while they charged 19.8165...more than double...i wrote to question and complain...waiting for their response.

    RC NYC

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  • Th
    THS Feb 04, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i got in the same situation, my bill doubled, when i wanted to go back to PSE&G i was told that i'll get two more bills from Energy Plus Holdings LLC and after will be charged my normal rate. so there is contract 2 month!! SCAMMMMM

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  • Le
    Lenore S. Rivera Feb 17, 2011

    I just received my first bill from Energy Plus and was shocked!! I got a two-month bill for $1, 900!!! That is NOT a typo. That is almost $2, 000. I immediately called Central Hudson thinking that there was some kind of meter reading problem, and they pointed out that the problem was that I had switched from them (7 cents per kwh) to Energy Plus (20.7 cents per kwh). That's 300% of Central Hudson's cost! I tried to complain to an Energy Plus Manager, but affter waiting for more than 20 minutes, she came on the line and said she'd call me back. I never got a message. I will attempt to resolve this tomorrow, but if no luck, will be in touch with the Attorney General's office. I can't believe I bought into this scam.

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  • Lu
    Luke5 Feb 17, 2011

    I was subject to the same Energy Plus scam. They started me with the agreed 9 cents something rate, then I got some increasingly high bills and I thought it must be just the increased winter consumption. When I got hit with the latest I looked up their actual rate. They had jacked it up systematically by 1 cent a month, now 50% above current market rate in the middle of winter! Imagine the milking. I called and they said that they just had some increase "in the past weeks, due to market conditions"... Dismaying. If you got scammed too, you can call your main state supplier to switch immediately (and not wait 2 cycles), before deciding on another supplier.

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  • Ma
    madjoe Feb 24, 2011

    I live in the Pittsburgh, PA area and I too was seriously thinking about switching to Energy Plus Holdings, LLC because their rates at this time are lower than my utility company (Duquesne Light) plus they offer a $25.00 enrollment bonus after being with them for at least two months. Also, they claim that there will be a 3% cash back for every one dollar I spend on the supply portion of my bill. When I asked this company why I should make a change, they stated that they try to stay competitive with all electric suppliers and, if I'm dissatisfied, I could go back to my utility company and there's no cancellation fee. However, because of the warnings on so many of these blogs, I am very hesitant in making a change in my electricity supplier.

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  • Sg
    sge411 Mar 01, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Please read this if you are considering switching your electric supply company to Energy Plus. (from original post on Feb 14, with minor accuracy revisions)

    Over two years ago I switched to Energy Plus after speaking to one of their sales people. They told me I should see and an average of 7% savings over my current supplier’s charges in addition to getting 3% back into my son's Upromise account as well as a $25 signing bonus that would also go into the Upromise account. I believed Energy Plus's representation and I signed up. I now regret it and partially blame myself because I didn't’ listen to my wife. My wife knew something was wrong. She pays the utility bills and on several occasions she had told me that the electric bills seemed really high as compared to the past. I dismissed her concerns with a statement like "energy is getting more expensive, don't worry we have a good deal". I now know what an idiot I was not to listen to her. Last week my wife insisted I call to have the meter checked because of how high the bill was. I did call, and was shocked when National Grid told me that in my most recent bill, I paid over 14 cents per KWH to Energy Plus when National Grid was charging a little over 5 cents.
    I immediately called Energy Plus and spoke to a supervisor; this is where it gets interesting. The supervisor was apologetic and explained, that recently their cost had spiked but generally speaking, over time everything averaged out and that they offered competitive electric supply rates. I now know, that this word, "competitive” is a word Energy Plus uses a lot to cover their deception and presumably, walk the fine line of legality. Their idea and anybody else’s idea of competitive is quite different. The supervisor I spoke with did a quick review of my account and told me that indeed, over the last year I had paid a bit more than my original supplier would have charged but the year prior to that I had done well. He assured me that he would look at the last year of my bills and see if "some adjustment could be made".
    While I was waiting for the supervisors call back, I did a bit of investigating myself. I googled "Energy Plus Scam" and was not surprised to see the page fill with complaints of overcharging, then I took a detailed look at my last 22 months of Electric bills, noted the amount charged by Energy Plus for my energy supply and called National Grid (previous supplier) and got the amount they had been charging during the same period. The result of this simple check dropped my jaw in disbelief. I had been taken to the cleaners. The firstmonth after signing was nearly identical to my previous supplier’s rate followed by a mere 24% overcharge and then for the next 20 months, Energy Plus overcharged me from 100% to 178% more each month than what I would have been charged if I had stayed with National Grid. Most of the months, the overcharge was between 130% and 170%. I called the Energy Plus supervisor back and asked him to look back a bit further than one year because his representation that the first year of their service, I had done well, was much like the original sales spiel, not true. The supervisor then told me that, I shouldn't forget, that all the while I had been benefiting from the 3% rebate back to my son’s Upromise account and that their rate had been clearly stated on my bill. He went on to say that I could have canceled at anytime, free of charge and that as it turns out their company isn't as competitive (there's that word again) in my area as they are in other areas. I again brought up the salesperson's original representation of saving an average of 7% annually on my electric supply. The supervisor acknowledged that this was a statement that his company’s sales people would sometimes make.

    The following excerpt is from Energy Plus’s web site as of 2/13/2011, “As with all variable rate plans, your supply price may fluctuate on a monthly basis – lower or higher – to reflect the current state of each power market. However, in order to make an informed comparison to competitive offers, customers should average their bills over the course of several months or seasons, rather than taking a snapshot of just one month. Our goal is to be competitive with other energy suppliers and your local utility company over the long run, while offering valuable rewards.” Well, I would say that Energy Plus was not very good at meeting their goal. Notice again the frequent use of competitive in Energy Plus’s well crafted statement. The statement implies savings and in essence says you really can’t make an informed decision unless you wait through seasons of their inflated bills to make a decision. Rather insulting, Energy Plus doesn’t list any rates past or current on their web site for a good reason, it would limit the number of people they could take advantage of. They rather you take their word, regrettably I did.
    The supervisor did get back to me that day, and offered me 600.00 and advised me that he didn't have to offer that. Six hundred dollars isn't close to what their overcharges amounted to. He went on to say that he was only able to go back one year in my account and that would be the best he could do.

    I've severed my relationship with Energy Plus and have received the check.I will be filing a complaint with the NYS Public Service Commission (80 complaints in 2010) and perhaps the NYS Attorney General in the coming weeks. It is scary that a company like this can continue to do business in NYS. Why hasn't the NYS Public Service Commission shut them down? Why have the Energy Plus, executives not been prosecuted for fraud. I hope that Upromise has or is in the process of disassociating themselves from Energy Plus.
    Bottom line; be very careful with these non-mainstream energy companies. As it turns out, (after checking Public Service Commission complaints) there are many companies like Energy Plus out there, preying on good people because they can. Somehow they are allowed to continue to do business, this is truly a buyer beware industry.

    To add insult to injury, when I notified Upromise of this bad player affiliation that they have as mentioned by dozens of their members on the community board in the form of overcharging complaints, here is the exact text of my e-mail exchange with Upromise customer support. It doesn't give you the sense that Upromise does a lot of checking on the character of the companies they associate with or really care once it's pointed out to them as long as Upromise is getting some of the ill gotten booty.

    Dear xxxxxx,

    Thank you for being a member of Upromise.

    We apologize for the difficulty you experienced with the services of one
    of our contributing companies. Unfortunately, we do not have any
    control over the policies of our contributing companies. Contributing
    Companies operate independently and are not under the control of
    Upromise with respect to the Service or otherwise. However, we take
    this as a feedback and would forward to the appropriate team of
    Upromise. We appreciate your bringing this to our notice.

    If you have any additional questions, feel free to reply to this e-mail
    or contact Upromise customer care at [protected], so that we may
    assist you further. We are available Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM
    to 9:00 PM EST.


    The Upromise Customer Care Team

    Did you know that when you open a High-Yield Savings Account by Sallie
    Mae®, you can earn one of the best rates in the nation?
    Learn more at

    Original Message Follows:

    Dear Upromise staff.

    Please stop your association with Energy Plus. Just google Energy Plus
    Scam to see all the complaints about their rates. They misrepresent the
    savings in a huge way.The last 20 months I was overcharged by 100 to
    over 175% as compared with the utility I had switched from for the same
    variable rate product.
    Your own community board tells story after story of the fraud that is
    being perpetrated on your members. It is Upromise that introduced me to
    Energy Plus.My post appears as user sge411.

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  • Zu
    zulu701 Mar 02, 2011

    I wish I would've done more research before I switched to Energy Plus. My electric bills almost tripled after I signed up with them. They gave me $75 for my Upromise account, but I lost hundreds of dollars in only 3 months by switching to them. The only thing I'm glad about is that it wasn't in the middle of summer when I was using more electricity. Just stick with your electric provider, NYSEG, or whatever, it's not worth taking the chance of getting overcharged just to save a couple bucks a month!

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