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On July 1, 2010I purchased (in person) $5868 in jewelry from Elite Jewelers in Dulles Town Center Mall in sterling VA. The main piece I wanted (a 6 ct diamond 14 k gold tennis bracelet with 32 stones) had a weak spot that required repair. The owner said he was going to also put screw backs on the 1 ct diamond earrings. I also inquired about restringing myMikimoto matinee length pearls (personal jewelry). The sales person/mgr said he would see this was done and they would send the items to me (I was planning a vacation and the repairs would be completed while I was gone).

Never receiving the items, I inquired. He said the package must have been lost. He continued to delay and stall. Finally, over a month later (with multiple emails and phone calls of which I retail records) I received a package with GROSSLY INFERIOR AND UNDERVALUED MERCHANDISE...and a cheap set of pearls in no way even approximating (they should have been equl replacements of) the string he had in his possession to restring.

I immediately called the store and finally got in touch with the owner. He told me to "just keep the package and enjoy it because I won't accept it back...don't waste any more of your money." WHAT? That *@%. I called and emailed the mall management, filed complaints iwth the BBB and the FTC, quoting the Virginia Consumer Protection Act and citing the fraudulent activity I was victim of. I sent the items back (taking pictures first) and have not heard back. If I do not receive a satisfactory resolution to this I will begin legal proceedings. I refuse to waive any right of mine and have consistently requested a refund for merchandise I never received to begin with...and a duplicate set of pearls.


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Aug 09, 2012 3:14 pm EDT

We all should get together and sue them My husband and got My engagement ring 1kr and it has a chipped on the surface, I took it for a second opinion and they said it has 0 value, after waiting 3 months for them to find me a diamond like mine to exchange, I call the manager today and said, he can't help me anymore and hang up the phone!

Nov 26, 2020 8:22 pm EST
Replying to comment of Verovero

I had the same issue at the Tyson’s Mall! The manager Rick was unbelievably rude and refused to refund a purchase after I discovered they grossly over valued
the piece I purchased and overcharged me for a warranty—which is useless. They also bypassed my pin without permission and raised the cost they quoted me at the register.