Elica Health Centersdoctor infecting unsuspecting patients

Vi Oct 08, 2019

A gynecologist named Dr. Penny L. Larson M.D. is purposely infecting unsuspecting patients under the pretence of an scheduled routine Pap Smear examination. She did infect me deliberately that's why and how I know where these damages occured. I didn't have anything wrong with me before being examined by her. Now I have all sorts of negative vaginal issues because of what she infected me with via a routine pap smear exam. Please confront her about what I have told you. I have typed a synopsis of my complaints and will be sent upon demand. I also obtained my medical records to view what she omitted doing to me. This lady ruined my health permanently. She must stand accountable for her actions against me and maybe others.

  • Updated by Victims rights, Oct 08, 2019

    They won't confront her or reply to any complaints because of negative publicity, but this woman is still employed at 1750 Wright Street, Sacramento, Ca. 95825. God will deal with her because they refuse to believe their patients.

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