El Dorado Furnituredefective product/salesperson false statements

B Oct 15, 2019

Sales Oreder# 1008918YI85 Customer Code: 928583 Sold to: Karin Hoeg
Sale Date: 10/8/19 Salesperson: Gipsy Gainza
On 10/8/19, my wife and I visited your Cleveland Ave store in Ft. Myers. We met with Gipsy Gainza and advised her we had ONE significant requirement in purchasing a living room set : We Could Not have any wiring going across the exceptions for a variety of reasons including that I am disabled and regularly need a cane to get around. Ms. Gainza assured us that by purchasing two battery packs for $400.00, there would be NO wires needed to plug into the wall.
On 10/11/19, two of your employees delivered this product and we quickly learned that one of the consoles DID require a plug to the wall socket. We compained to these delivery men who we had a great deal of trouble understanding (broken english) and they contacted Ms. Gainza. After talking with your delivery men she realized her error and provided us several options. I told her we would accept her offer of a more expensive floor model table because of her mistake ($150.00 value). Your delivery personnel were very nice by the way.
That same evening we discovered a second console also needed to be plugged into the wall which we tried. That evening I tripped twice on the cords as did my wife.
We came back to the store the next day, 10/12/19 and were advised by Ms. Gainza that we would have to pay a restocking fee of 30% to return the furniture. We were upset and told her supervisor would call us on Monday, 10/14/19.
On 10/14/19, my wife did talk with a supervisor, can't recall her name, and now advised not only would we be responsible for a 30% restocking fee, but that we could only get a store credit for the balance.
Now very upset, we picked up the floor model table the same day and decided we would just make the best of this situation and never do business with your company going forward.
The first time my wife used the armless recliner, last night, it stuck in the upright position and will not go down. I even tried plugging it directly into the wall socket instead of the batterty pack and nothing. This has been a very difficult several days and I think we have been misinformed and treated very poorly. We would prefer a full refund and make our purchase somewhere else but, at a minimum, have a working product without the wires across our floor.
Robert Hoeg
P.S. Ms. Gainza can provide you all the documents and texting messages/emails with photos.

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