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Reviews and Complaints

[Resolved] Gold's Gymrude staff

Hope this mail finds you well.
Sending this complaint as we were really shocked by the very strange attitude from one of the biggest gyms worldwide, having a very bad impact on us and leaving us with the impression that we want to spread this everywhere in every place on social media and your websites as to let people know and aware them how this gym is overrated.

Last Thursday [protected]) I went to the gym with my wife, first time to visit this branch:
9 Mashaal Street, Haram, Giza, 125556 Giza-Egypt
We had our training as we always do, then I had an emergency call as I am working as a doctor and needed to go to the hospital, went to my car, someone was blocking it with his car, went back to the gym, asked the reception for the owner of the car, they sent someone to picture the plate and ask in the gym, they were really delayed so I went up to check and found the owner of the car still having his training and asking me to wait, I was very stressed as the emergency was calling me, told him to come directly and move, he told me to wait till he finish this, regardless to this stupid attitude as this is not your responsibility, I had to raise my voice asking him to move, now came the part that concerns your staff, one of the very rude coaches or staff came and held my hand and told me why are you raising your voice go out and he started shouting to me and holding my hands and he was going to hit me, getting the other staff (even when he knew I am a member not a stranger coming from the street), was really shocked asked for the manager who came, took me and apologized.
Instead of making sure to give all your customers their rights and caring for them, he cared for one more than the other, instead of dealing with your customers correctly and taking extra miles, he didn't care to let the other customer go out and move his car, he left him for a long time and didn't ask him to go. I am really depressed, had troubles in my work and will really spread this in everywhere and all social medias and was going to call the police but had no time, moreover my wife works in the parliament and going to do a complaint there as no actions are done from your side as we already did a complaint in Egypt here, and sure no one will respond or care.
Looking forward for a call or reply trying to feel how Gold gym care for their customers and show them respect.

  • Updated by RamyRamy12 · Feb 19, 2020

    Good that it made you angry, dont read my post, go find something to make you show more attention for yourself. Feedback is not needed

  • Updated by RamyRamy12 · Feb 20, 2020

    this is shit, I am hacked, I dont comment anything, dont reply and dont send me this is a fake one, and I didnt write any comment, stop being rude and stupid how could I say such thing

  • Updated by RamyRamy12 · Feb 23, 2020

    I am not lying, I wrote the main one and i didnt say it is not me, but some comments were not by me like the one about grandfather and others, it is still not your business, you are a very rude one, wont reply again on you or waste time with someone who seeks attention. Comment as you want, for me will leave you to write and cry here alone and wont open or reply this, I deactivated this website and enjoy reading this and feeling that no more attention will be given to you. Enjoy other places, and by the way I never lied, all this happened and my father is a doctor and I was complaining for him, so wont lie for nothing, dont have similar crazy and mentally ill attitude and mind like the one you have, good luck and sorry wont be able to read or open this again

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