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R Nov 17, 2019

Edwin Stipe Inc abandoned me when I needed them! They installed my furnace that provides my heat and hot water. When it broke down recently I called them only to find that they no longer will service any oil-fueled furnaces. And they put it in!! They also did my annual servicing for a number a years. I asked if they could do one more service call to get my furnace going, and I would then find a new company. They said no. I had received no notice from them about this (even though they said they sent out letters). Also, I realized I never got a renewal notice for my annual service contract that I normally get. They let it expire because they knew they were leaving the oil-servicing business. They left me hanging, without heat or hot water, with a furnace they installed, and couldn't care less. Do not trust this company. Customer service and reliability mean nothing to them.

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