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I ordered an arrangement for a birthday for a special friend, who has terminal cancer. I ordered this a week in advance on-line.
They never delivered the arrangement and when I called and emailed, these were not returned. I finally got a customer "service" rep the next day and she was completely unapologetic, and even lied that they had left me a message. When I called head office to complain, I was told i'd receive a call within 48 hours but that never came either. They don't care about their customers or about service. Shop somewhere else!

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Apr 01, 2017 9:51 am EDT
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I had a similar experience. I want all Buyers to be BEWARE .I ordered two arrangement on 3/27/17 to be delivered to two different friends.
Both orders went bad. The first order was delivered but left outside unattended. An animal got into it and destroyed it. The store replaced it and offered to give me a refund for the delivery fee.
I never received the refund. The second order was never delivered. No one ever called me to tell me that they were having issues with orders. They just never delivered it.
I have called everyday complaining and with no resolve. I even called the Corporate number. Finally, today I was told that the store went out of business and that there was noting that they can do. They agreed to refund me my money in 3-5 business days.
But, I don't believe them. They have broken so many promises and haven't communicated with me.
This has been the worst experience i have ever had with this company.I will never order from them again!

Dec 24, 2008 7:59 am EST

I called today, on Christmas Eve to order and pick up two Edible Arrangement boquets. As I was talking to the man on the phone placing my order, for each of my choices he tried suggesting a completely different arrangement good for about 6 more people than i needed to feed and way out of my marginal price i would like to pay. after telling him again i wanted the A little Special Expression($27) with no chocolate, final he kept insisting the chocolate. I explained that it was for an 82 year old friend of mine who can't eat chocolate. On to my finalized 2nd order I said i wanted the Delicious Daisy Arrangement ($35) for my family to pick at during desert tonight and none the less he kept suggesting $50 and above boguets for my order. I was already spending more than $50 on those two so I asked him, "Are my orders not a good idea? It just seems you keep trying to talk me out of it". He said that he just thought he'd help. Wasn't a very pleasant experience and could've been a much shorter phone call since i knew exactly what i wanted to order and what i wanted to pay. I pick them up today at 12:00pm. We'll see the quality ...

May 12, 2010 12:18 am EDT

My son ordered me something for Mothers Day 5/09/2010 and I have yet to receive it on 5/11/2010. A delivery man called at 8pm on the 10th and asked my husband for directions to our house but he never showed up. My son doesn't know that I know anything about it so I didn't know which store to call until today when I called the closet one to our house and the store owner called the number of the delivery guy that called us and he told her he was delivering from another store just temporarily for mothers day. She asked him about our delivery and he said he didn't know what was going on with it because he took it back to the store and wasn't delivering anymore that it was only for mothers day business. Weird because he called and got directions from my husband. The store was closed so I can't call them until tomorrow. This not the first time something like this has happened. In sept 2008 my son tried to order something for my birthday and after 2 days my son asked me if I got anything from them and of course I did not so I called them and they said my son's card didn't got through. Well first of all they didn't even call him to tell him and second of all his card was find they had wrote the number down incorrectly so they did nothing. This store has very poor management and shouldn't be in business. I am also calling the corporate office to complain.

Jun 26, 2013 1:37 pm EDT
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I've had a similar experience as the original post. I ordered an arrangement for Father's day from the Toronto Adelaide store; it was not delivered and I caught the store in a few lies when I called to follow up. Also when I called to follow up, I was on hold for a half hour upon which I was redirected to the mailbox. And of course, the mailbox was full so I was unable to leave a message and had to call back. It appears they never tried to deliver. I tried to make a complaint to the head office of Edible Arrangements however the CSR I spoke with could care less and I had to speak to a manager. They said it would be resolved within 48 hours. A week later and still no resolution. No more fruit arrangements will be ordered from this gal!


It's unfortunate that you have had a bad experience. I have had nothing but fabulous experiences from Edible Arrangements. I have ordered from them several times, mostly online through the website, but I have gone in to a couple of their locations to place orders for delivery or to pick up orders that I had made online (not everyone lives within the delivery zone)

I have had dealings with stores in both the US and Canada (Toronto, Whitby, Ottawa, Halifax, Lethbridge AB) and never had any issues. The people who received their arrangements all raved about them and were thrilled. It is so nice to receive something other than the typical flower bouquet.

May 27, 2012 5:42 am EDT
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You would think I would of taken your advise, but no and here is my sad story.
I was trying to get a receipt and an after 6:00pm delivery time. When I placed the order, April 23th: I asked the salesperson to email me a receipt, and to make sure delivery was after 6:00. I did not get the receipt. I called April 24th: to ask for a receipt and reminded them of an after 6:00 delivery. April 25th delivery date: Guess what no receipt and YES the arrangement was left at the condominium lobby until 3:00-3:30pm when it was picked up. The person that the arrangement was for just happened to leave work early, or it would of been sitting in the lobby for 3 more hours. They didn't seem to understand, care, and they will not return my calls.
I would NOT recommend Edible Arrangement Toronto Store #112 to anyone. Perhaps a new franchise owner is needed.


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