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Easy White LabsDeceitful Advertising and Fraudulent Billing


Ordered sample of Easy White Lab's teeth whitening product along with a similar sample from another company. Both products were advertised togather.

All I had to do was pay the shipping (which is how they get your credit card information).

Both companies charged my credit card for the shipping which was minimal. Then to my suprise, a short time later, both companies charged my credit card for a combined $150.

When I contacted one company they agreed to reverse the charges on my credit card (hopefully this takes place). When I contacted Easy White Labs, (it took at least ten telephone calls to their toll free number) they refused to issue credit and said that the agreement allowed them to charge the monthly amount. I would have never agreed to this agreement and don't think it was worded this way. If it was, it was deceptively buried.

They tried telling me that I needed to return the unopened product and that they would then refund 75% of my money. Since I haven't tried their product as yet, I will try this, but I seriously doubt that it will ever happen.

Researching the information relating to the ownership of Easy White's website was no help. They use's, Domains By Proxy, which is popular for companies with deceitful business practices.

I have complained to the FTC and BBB in both Arizona and Colorado.


  • Mo
    mountainsun88 Mar 25, 2010

    Bob P., do you work for the company? Easy White is a crappy, company. I DID read the terms. The initial terms state one thing and the second set of terms state another. Put it this way Bob, the BBB and thousands of other people agree with me so you can suck it! Again, I hope everyone who reads this files a complaint with the BBB and their credit card company. Eventually they will not be allowed to accept credit cards because Visa, MC and whatever other cards they accept will deny them business.

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  • Sh
    shaun taylor Dec 30, 2009

    please please do not buy these products, these companys took more than $500 dollars out of my bank in one month, now they have changed names to bright smile, do not order anythink of these low life people, i seen the advert on facebook so i thought they might of checked out these companies firt??? i have made complaints to facebook but have had no reply, who can you trust????, shaun

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  • No
    Not Right 1 Dec 24, 2009

    I have been trying to contact Easy White Labs by calling the so-called customer service number for a while about the so-called trial (that I thought was a free-trial). This is a misconception and deception like no other. You try to give a company a chance and you are taken for a ride as well as advantage of. Out of all the times I called I have waited for so long for someone to answer. The last time I called was this morning and I hung up the phone in 54 minutes & 34 seconds (while on speaker & while doing house work the entire time). I tried again an hour later. Same thing but less time. I read other people complaints and feel as though I wrote each of them myself. Someone has to take action! And shut these abusers down! One of the reviews gave me another contact below and hopefully after leaving a detailed message on how to reach and help me, maybe a representative will return my call & assist me on returning this unopened EASYWHITE product!
    Easy White is Adex Media, Inc. which has the following contact info:

    883 North Shoreline Boulevard
    Suite A-200
    Mountain View, CA 94043

    Telephone: [protected]
    Fax: [protected]

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  • Al
    alison D Sep 11, 2009

    well i think you guys should read the terms and conditions first before giving out your credit card numbers in the net just like dont need to blame easy white labs for that..I dont work for the company but I just want to let you guys know that you should take responsibility of our credit card number and READ<READ<READ everything first before you placed your orders in the internet..

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  • Bo
    bob100 Aug 24, 2009

    I hope someone can stop these companies from stealing from anyone else. They got me to.
    I'll have to cancel the credit card before they try tapping it again.

    Bob P.

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  • It
    itsnotfree Aug 18, 2009

    Just click on Addie M.'s comment above. She has responded to countless complaints about similar scams. They need to be stopped.

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  • It
    itsnotfree Aug 18, 2009

    They also have a company called which opperates the same scam for computer software. Does anyone know how to stop this organization? They need to be put out of business. What they are doing IS illegal.


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  • Be
    bellringer Aug 18, 2009

    The company lures you in by sending you a free sample but ask for your credit card information to charge the shipping, which is 97 cents. This charge appeared on my credit card and was what I agreed to. However, 7 days later a charge of $78.23 appeared on my credit card. They would not let me return the product. Definitely deceptive business practice.

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  • Sh
    sharibaby714 Aug 11, 2009

    Your customer service is anything but respectful - they are taught to give fake names and give people the run-around when they ask for refunds. I personally called to cancel my order within FIVE minutes of making it, because as I was going through the second site to get the so-called partner whitening strips to get 'twice the whitening power', I noticed the site was the exact same, so I knew it was a scam then. When I called, I was told that my order had already shipped - five minute shipping time, WOW! And I was told since it had shipped, there would be no cancelling BUT if I wished, then I could return it unopened for a PARTIAL refund. That's CRAP! Furthermore, because you knew I was going to cancel, your 'customer service rep' authorized my card and charged me almost $60 right then - so much for a 10 day trial period. I didn't even get a 10 minute trial time; you hadn't shipped me anything even and already I was paid for the first shipment - bad business! Lastly, that sweet little posting can tell me it's going to walk people through the cancellation process, but how about holding true to what you say? You can SAY anything, you just don't DO ANYTHING! I got an email on the second day promising me I would not be charged again - this was on June 28th and on July 22nd you stole $60 more from me. So cut all the "we'll try to make our terms clearer" BS and just follow through on your promises made to people and stop stealing our money. Then, and only then can you even THINK you are tring to be about customer service cause right now all you are in the book of all these people who have posted here are deceitful thieves. I want my money back!!! You have your product back, now refund me, and I do mean ALL that you stole!

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  • Sh
    sharibaby714 Aug 10, 2009

    I think if Dentech really had nothing to do with "Arin" they would NOT be addressing him by his first name... it would be Mr, So-and-so, not "Arin this" and "Arin that"...those thugs will try anything I guess...amazing how they can come post to this site trying to save POOR ARIN from harrassment, and yet so many of the real customer's requests for refunds go ignored. I guess real customers haven't harrassed enough yet. Instead of posting some lame thing here, Dentech should just refund people, and stop their shady activities!!! Then no one will have a reason to post anything negative about them! Thankfully the Better Business Bureau in two states are after these slimy creatures. They will get what they have coming to them.

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  • De
    Dentech Whitening Aug 10, 2009

    As a representative of Dentech Whitening, I can assure you that Arin has

    absolutely no involvement with our company whatsoever. We have been

    made aware that customers have tried to call him in an attempt to be

    refunded for our product -- not only is this futile, as Arin is not a

    part of Dentech Whitening in any way, but it is illegal as well. Arin

    has contacted us to alert us to this activity, and is especially

    concerned because the address provided is not his own. Whoever is

    posting false information or trying to go on a poorly-researched witch

    hunt in an attempt to be refunded is wasting their time. As always, you

    may call [protected] or write [email protected] if you

    have any questions or billing issues, including refund requests. We

    must urge all customers to follow our return procedure and not harass an

    individual who has no involvement with our company.

    Thank you,

    Dentech Whitening

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  • Sh
    sharibaby714 Aug 09, 2009

    Update to my situation. The day after I cancelled immediately, and after posting this, I got an email from DazzleWhite stating it was going to indeed cancel my order and I wouldn't be billed further. HA! I guess they meant after they took another almost $120 from me. People beware - they are getting smarter and authorizing several charges immediately, so even if you cancel your card those charges can be put through since they already have the authorization numbers! I cancelled my card right away, but they'd already authorized two months worth of charges in that short span, so now I am fighting to have those charges reversed. Everything is on their side, but I can tell you one thing...they are going to piss off the wrong person, and soon. I am only one small person, but I forsee a big problem in their future if they keep stealing money from people. And the people who work for this company who keep trying to balance out the real life negative postings with their fake happy ones... people are going to find out who you are, so you keep acting like this while you're able to hide behind being unknown, cause when your names get made public, I don't think there are enough chiropractors in the universe to take out all the kinks you are going to get in your neck from having to watch over your shoulder for people like me who are going to come looking for you!!

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  • Ot
    ot from indy Aug 09, 2009

    I just got on their website and saw there was no contact info. They have a chat box which I got on and tried to ask some questions but it was a robot. I asked for contact info, the president of their company and physical address. They didn't supply any of this info. To those liars who professed they got good results from this company, clearly they work for these crooks or are crooks themselves. shame, shame shame. I wonder if their momma knows they're doing this.

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  • Gl
    Glanzer Jul 20, 2009

    And also my return address was based out of CO...

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  • Gl
    Glanzer Jul 20, 2009

    I got the product maybe 3 days after. Used it for a couple days and haven't really seen results. But some typos in the instruction booklet made me curious. So I typed in Easy White Labs followed by Scam and went to Google...Everyone seems to think it was a scam and so I cancelled. Using the easy online quick cancel. Just put my email and got a confirmation code. I cut my losses and took the 20 dollar bill AND got to keep what I had received just in case it does work. I'll use it till it runs out and then let you know if I see results...but either way...I haven't been billed further after the 20 dollar quick cancel. If they bill me again I'll sue them for false advertising, and internet fraud. Pretty simple.
    Later Days.

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  • Ad
    Adore Geronimo Jul 17, 2009

    I wasn't aware and it is not clearlt stated that the FREE TRIAL OFFER will end up charging your credit card $78.00 with no refund. This advertisement is so BOGUS and the company don't issue a reund. And the Lady from HAWAII that advertise this product is lying. I wonder how much she get paid for projulent advertisement. PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCR BECAUSE IT DOESN'T WORK!!

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  • Ca
    calvin best Jul 17, 2009

    yeah easywhite got me also for some $78.98, the day the "free" trial was suppose to end, on the very last day. They said they would credit me back half of the charge, and never did. When I contacted them back again, asking for the product that I was charged $78.98 for they told me I already got it in the free trial. This company is nothing but a scam, and somebody needs to stop them.

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  • To
    Togie Jul 16, 2009

    I saw the ad in yahoo where some mom was sharing her experience and i thought it was totally cool because it only would cost 1.83 which is the shipping cost.So i ordered it but when i got the email i saw the whole scam behind it.I`m totally frustrated... I live overseas so i can`t even deal with them.I just cancelled my credit card but i read that it doesnt stop them ( they would get to your new account) I`m really afraid of it.If only i did some research on the web...

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  • La
    latinadiva Jul 12, 2009

    I've been trying to get ahold of easywhite out labs and when i try is like getting the run around im trying to get my money reverse becuase they had charge me on the same month for an order that i didn't receive they are just getting into my bank account with my credit infomation and getting out money without sending no product the only one i recieved was the trail order and nothing else and they have taken all ready money out of my account twice within the same month know i need for them to reverse my money becuase that money they took was for my daughters prescription she suffers from siezures if anything happens to her easywhiteoutlabs is responsible she is only 8 years old. But no matter how much i tried getting ahold of them it's a runaround oh by the way i did cancel my membership with easywhiteoutlabs after recieving my trial order keep in mind.

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  • An
    annaanna Jul 08, 2009

    I made the same mistake like everybody else. I got the package, called to cancel my account with them and told them I want to return the package as it is since I never unsealed it and never want to hear about them again.

    I got in my mail a confirmation of my account being canceled and than this:

    "Your account has already been cancelled."

    I am trying to return the package but I read about some RNA nr which has to be written on the package. I guess I will call them again for that.

    I hope the bank can help me block any charges from them.

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  • Wc
    wcburns Jul 01, 2009

    I was also completely scammed by the two ads you have mentioned with absolutely no help from Easy White in getting my money back. I had to contact my bank and prevent any more auto-debits. They should be proscuted.

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  • Sh
    sharibaby714 Jun 29, 2009

    Wow, do I ever wish I had seen this site about 30 minutes ago before I clicked on the $1.95 Dazzle White free trial offer - which is anything but FREE. Only this time they got brazen and charged me the other $58.76 immediately instead of waiting the 10-day period! I also called to cancel immdiately, within five minutes of clicking as I started seeing the same things show up on the second site and thankfully I didn't give my credit card number out a second time. The girl I spoke to, told me I can return it and get SOME of my money back. What a great scam! But one different thing about my problem - I've seen that most of the people here are fighting in California, but all the addresses for cancellation that have been given to me are in Des Moines Iowa... so they have moved states due to the heat in Cali I guess. I am fed up with companies like this being allowed to steal people's money!!

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  • Ri
    Rich Mason Jun 12, 2009

    When I found out I would be charged 78 bucks for further use, I cancelled out immediately. Come to find out, they will charge me 19.95 for the sample if I keep it and if I don't send it back within a certain amount of time, I will be charged a hefty sum. Something should be done about this. This is a scam if I ever saw one. I am contacting my credit union right away and they better keep their clammy hands off my checking account. Help. Lets get these ### out of business. These thugs make it hard for honest people. I will buy no more on the internet. It's not worth it.

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  • Pa
    packer53532 Jun 03, 2009

    I have had the same problem with Easy White as so many on this site. I called almost immediately after hitting the enter button on my computer to cancel the order. They told me to return the product when I received it and gave me an RMA number to put on the outside of the package. They assured me I would not be charged for the product since I called back right away. Imagine my surprise when I was online checking my bank accounts and finding a charge for the $78.23 (in addition to the original "shipping charges"). As soon as I received the package from them, wrote the RMA number on the outside of the box and immediately took it to the Post Office for return. I have been on the phone with them at least 5 times in the past week and a half being assured that they had received the product back and they would be issuing a credit to my bank account, which should only take two or three days according to them. I kept checking and it still has not appeared on my account. Now I have overdraft charges on my account (I am on disability with limited income and automatic payments taken from my account for legitimate monthly charges). I called again today and insisted that I talk with a supervisor. I was told the supervisor was "busy" but he would call me back. Although I had given my cell phone number because I knew I would not be at home, they called my home number when I was not there so I called again to speak to a supervisor. This time while I was talking to the supervisor explaining the situation, all of a sudden the phone line went dead. I called back and was told they were having technical difficulties and I insisted on speaking to the same supervisor who had finally called me back. I again gave them my cell phone number. After about a half an hour, the same supervisor called me back and told me that the credit had been processed today and I told him that I was told it had been processed early last week and that I expected his company to issue me a check for the overdraft fees charged by my bank. He told me that they couldn't issue a credit for something they didn't charge. I asked him why I had been assured early last week that the credit had been processed when now he tells me that it is just be handled today - he didn't have an answer for it. I asked for the name of the president of the company so I could contact that person and he refused to give it to me although I did get his name and the address of the company. I fully intend on trying to contact the head of this company and demanding my money. I also will file charges with the BBB, the attorney generals of the states listed in the other comments in this section. This company is deceitful and misleading, I don't care how good their product is or isn't. He did tell me one reason the credit was taking longer than usual to be taken care of was because the package was received late - I asked him how that was my fault when I didn't even open the package but returned it the same day I received it. He didn't have an answer for that either. I am totally frustrated dealing with this company and from now on before I order anything online from one of these types of offers, I am going to check them out more fully than I did this one. Companies like this have to be stopped!!!

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  • Ks
    ksc May 23, 2009

    I ordered the same product form 2 different companies (not knowing it was the same). The first company, Teeth Whitening Now refunded the full $78.93 (which inlcuded shipping and the blue light thingy). When I got another package in the mail from what appeared to be the same company, I looked at my creidt statement. It was actually the same pruduct but from Easy White Labs. So, I called them and canceled there as well. Only, I will be refunded $35.00 (and keep the product) or be charged $20.00 (restocking fee) + $14.00 for shiping here and back (total of $34.00) and be left with no product.

    Apparently, I was able to cancel via telephone, but had to argue to get a confirmation number. I was put on hold for a few minutes when the rep returned with my confirmation number. It should take 24 hours to get some kind of verification via e-mail (which is ridiculous and unnecessary, every online company I've ever dealt with will give immediate confirmation via e-mail. Not sure if my credit card will be refunded or not, will have to wait and see.

    In the interim, I was really disappointed that the process was so expensive and complicated with Easy White Labs vs. Teeth Whitening Now. I am looking forward to trying the product as I have heard good things about it. I think I will try Target in the future.

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  • Em
    E. M. Rainey May 20, 2009

    I expected a trial only and before I had time to analze the results my bank statement showed a charge of $78.23!!! Another package arrived which I sent back immediately with confirmation receipt. My calls were frustrating as I was told I had received the contract by email with instructions for cancelling. She said they do not have the kit I returned yet the USPS has given me the name of who signed etc., date and time of arrival. I have been working with the bank which cost me $50.00 for their 'help' but will now try the phone again for their response of my proof of the return being accepted. Then the BBB, FTC, and warn others of a deceitful bunch of so called Americans. Happy Memorial Day! EMR

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  • Jo
    Joe May 15, 2009

    As another follow up, I finally received a refund after I had complained to Better Business Bureaus in several states, the Attorney Generals Office in California and Colorado, and the Federal Trade Commission.

    What everyone needs to realize is that Adex Media, Inc. is the company running the Easy White Labs, Overnight Genius, Acai Alive and Rezactiv scams. Adex Media, Inc. is a penny stock operation doing business out of California, however it appears that they aren't properly registered to do business in California. The Secretary of State should be knocking on their door shortly.

    The real crooks are the officers of Adex. The President and CEO, Scott Rewick, is an unethical crook who spearheads the formation of scam operations.

    Don't bother calling the company. File complaints with the BBB and Attorney Generals Offices in both California and Colorado. Also, complain to the FTC.

    We need to put the officers of this corporation behind bars before they can create more scam operations and rip more people off.

    When I get burned, I get mad. Hopefully everyone else feels the same.

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  • Ve
    Vengeance Is Sweet May 08, 2009

    I ordered the free 10 day trial. On the last possible day to cancel the trial, I called. I went round and round with an individual calling herself "princess" who insisted that it was simply not possible for them to cancel the trial unless I had received the product; which I had not, of course. She said that they would send me an email with 24 hours which would extend the trail period. They did not, of course, send the email. They DID charge my card $78.23 within that 24 hour period, though.

    I have still received nothing.

    I am disputing the fraudulent charge via my bank. I am also preparing a lawsuit. Lest anyone think that I am going overboard in response to these criminals, those are the nicest things I have prepared for them.

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  • Ti
    Tim May 05, 2009

    Same thing here Had the Box 8 days and they hit my bank account for 78.23 and would only refund 35.00. I think our country has turned into a buch of scammers and theives. I saw its add on Aol and it said try for only the shipping price and thats all.


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  • Ke
    Kens' mad May 04, 2009

    The same experience. Took about 4 to 5 days to get the product. Then was billed $78.23 before I could even get to open the box.

    ken's mad

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  • An
    [email protected] May 02, 2009

    for $21.00 you could have just gotten teeth whitening strips from walgreens and revceived the same results. I sure wouldnt want you as my broker!

    -1 Votes
  • Bw
    bwilcox May 02, 2009

    no, i actually dont work for the company. I do accounting for a real estate brokerage company. I simply ordered the product, tried it, it worked and I canceled after one month. Can it be any more complicated than that? Apparently, for some people it is. Listen, I'm sorry if you didnt take the time to read the terms, and now you feel compelled to tell the world about how you cant read. The product actually worked for me, i saved money over a dentist, then I canceled. Its bizzare to me that for a product that actually works, you find the time to trash it. Anyway, have fun.

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  • Zi
    Zippy May 01, 2009

    I can only guess you work for the company which is why you are happy to pay $78.32 per MONTH as a regular subscriber to this product. I hope your teeth are very white and your smile is perfect. Meantime, unless you can find the warranty information secreted in the bowels of their website ( and have the time to read a document that goes for days, be advised that the person on the phone/online is not telling you that they are also charging you, under the guise of education (check your statement) for a "blue light" to activate the whitening agent in the FREE TRIAL. So that is $14.95 you didn't expect to pay. Nor do they tell you online or on the phone that the 10 days starts the minute you make the order. Which means that if the product gets to you in 10 days (LUCKY YOU) automatically are a member ...not after 10 days of testing the product. Doesn't that smell foul to you? Nevertheless - I'm delighted that you have $78.32 to fork out every month for your smile. Most of us don't have that kind of money. Hence, the rest of you folks out there BEWARE .

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  • Bw
    bwilcox May 01, 2009

    I've had the totally opposite experience. Perhaps I took a little more time reading the terms and conditions than you did. I've spent over $500 for similar whitening kits directly from my dentist. I tried the product, it worked and i'm happy to pay $78 instead of $500.

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  • Zi
    Zippy May 01, 2009

    Most everything that has been said is true. We were able to get through to the 866 number and a nice lady told us that this so-called trial would cost us a minimum of $40.34 providing we return the unopened product. Somehow we managed to order a "blue light" listed under "education" on the credit charge for which we were billed $14.95. That was in addition to the $5.83 shipping charge on the "trial box". Zing! Then we got charged $78.23 before we could sneeze as the trial period was up. Have any one of you noticed that their 10 day trial starts the moment you make the order - hence, it could take 10 days to get to you and your trial would already be over! Anyhow, the lady said we could keep the product and get a credit of $35.00 immediately meaning that...we would lose even more. We intend to file complaints with the Attorney General of both California and of Colorado and also, to check out the laws governing interestate commerce for their "quick draw McGraw" tactics. Their only business mission is to rip people off, not whiten teeth. BUYER BEWARE BEFORE DOING BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY.

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  • Ka
    Kay Cloud Apr 29, 2009









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  • Sc
    scott Apr 28, 2009

    [protected] or email [email protected] or you can cancel at

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  • Pe
    Peggy Huffman Apr 27, 2009

    What is the toll free number of Easy White Labs? I can't find it anywhere.

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  • Pe
    Peggy Apr 27, 2009

    EVERYONE who has been scammed by this so called wonderful company needs to complain to anyone who will listen. This is one of the biggest scams out there on the internet today.
    If you call Easy White Labs to cancel you have to leave a message. Don't bother using the easy online cancel when you put your info in they have no idea of who you are (how convenient).
    The other company is Teeth Whitening who actually goes under the name of (Advance Wellness When you call to cancel they state until you receive the 30 day supply you cannot supply, that is not what it says when you sign up. So now they have charged your card for another shipping fee plus the amount for the product, plus you also have the charge for the 30 day supply from the Easy White Labs plus another shipping.


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  • Ea
    easywhite Apr 23, 2009

    This is insane. They have an 800 number to cancel. If you dont like the product return it and own nothing.

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