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Ju Oct 06, 2019

My husband and I decided to try East Side Mario's one more time. We placed our order just before 7pm but asked for our order to be ready for pick up at 8:30pm. We get there just before 8:30 and no one was around to greet us (which was fine since we were a few minutes early). There was a bag sitting on the counter with our 2 drinks and garden salad in it so I assumed they were just getting the rest of our order together. I started to get a bit annoyed after 5 mins have passed and I see servers/employees and not one has stopped to see if we have been helped. When the server did come and ask who I was she then started to get our order together. Back in the kitchen she goes and we wait some more. I ask to see if she did get our appetizer and she said no. Back to the kitchen she goes and we have to wait till the cooks make it. As I'm waiting I check my husbands pasta and of course it didn't come with the mushrooms he asked for. By this time, the server still wasn't back from the kitchen with our appetizer. I stick my head around the wall and ask an employee to get the manager for me. As the manager walks in the server is back with our appetizer, which is fine because now I'm pissed off that now we have to wait to get the extra mushrooms since they make sure they charge you. I explain my situation to the supervisor and told her I didn't want to wait any longer that could I get at least a free coupon for an appetizer for next time. The supervisor advised me that she needed to check with the person who had the say in letting her do so. So now I'm waiting AGAIN!! After a bit I turn to see if I can see the supervisor and she's writing something which I assumed to be a coupon. But by that time I was done. Instead of coming back to me and letting me know that yes, you will receive a coupon that she just needs to fill it out. I get her attention and say forget about it. By the time you've finished this I could have had my mushrooms by now. And I leave the store. What I wish I would have done was leave the food and got my full refund. After this last experience I will NEVER return. And maybe have some supervisor/manger who have good customer service skills.

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    1915 Dundas Street East London Ontario

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