Easirentcar rental

G Nov 25, 2019

They have a rogue employee at at least one of their offices.

The man told me his name was "Gordon, " and lied to me repeatedly about buying insurance. After about an HOUR he spoke with my insurance agent who assurred him my insurance covered rentals. He hung up and told me I needed "denial of service" insurance. I finally got him to accept my waiver of it. He tried to add on the "EZ-Pass" or whatever it's called even though I was going nowhere near any toll roads.

Finally. As I was waiting for my car to pull up, I overheard another customer complaining to another man about the EXACT SAME THING.

Then my tire pressure light came on, so I paid to inflate them, and the next day the light came on again. I reported this when I turned in my car, and "Gordon" told me I would be charged to put a plug in the tire, though he didn't look at the tire. All the stem valves caps were missing, and I suspect it is a defective stem valve, or hacked reporting software. I was not able to get on the shuttle to catch my flight until I paid.

On the shuttle, I sat next to another man who told me the EXACT SAME story on his car.

I think this is credit card fraud. That's a federal offense, so maybe there will be a class action suit.

This crook or these crooks are giving EasiRent bad reviews. I am going to try to claw back my payment, but they should do something about "Gordon." I will never again use EasiRide, and will repeat my experience and complaints as far afield as I can. Gordon should be charged with a crime and heavily fined.

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